Obama issues latest in a series of ‘warnings’ to Putin, no mention of red lines

The body English is unmistakable.

Three years ago, Barack Obama gave a very direct warning to Syrian President Bashir al-Assad to cease and desist using chemical weapons.

Diplomatic and military wonks across the board agreed the same warning was also indirectly aimed directly at Assad’s patron in Moscow.

To accentuate just how much he really meant it this time, the Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Forces actually uttered the unmistakable words: Red line.

That was three years and a couple hundred thousand dead people ago. Bashir al-Assad is still in power and he still has and uses his Russian supplied chemical weapons. The Russian President not only ignored Obama’s red line, he’s now sending ground combat troops into Syria. But as reported by Julie Pace of the Associated Press via KAAL-TV (of Rochester, Minn.) on Set. 12, 2015, and also by Richard Sisk of Military.com on Sept. 11, 2015, Obama is threatening Vladimir Putin, yet again, with quite the stern warning.

Speaking before a town hall-style meeting with members of the military at Ft. Mead, Maryland, Obama wagged his proverbial finger in Putin’s direction by stating, “The strategy they’re pursuing right now of doubling down on Assad is a mistake. It could prevent us from arriving at the political solution that’s ultimately needed to bring a peace back to Syria.” Obama said he repeatedly tried to tell Putin that he was making a mistake “but he did not take my warnings.”

While the American military continues to shrink, personnel see pay cuts, and equipment falling into a state of disrepair under the leadership of Obama, he did make a prediction of the Russian foray into the Middle East, “You can’t continue to double down on a strategy that is doomed to failure.” Presumable falling back on his own questionable history of foreign policy matters, the former community organizer informed the assembled soldiers and DoD civilians…



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