Obama Has a Long History of Abuse of Power

It’s funny how Barack Obama is trying to distance himself from the abuse of power wielded by the IRS and the DOJ.  Going back to his days running for the US Senate, Obama has bullied, cajoled and abused all who seemed to be in his way.  Just one short month before the primary, sealed records were opened that revealed that his opponent, Blair Hull, had an order of protection filed against him during his 1996 divorce from his wife Brenda.

The records were sealed, yet the Chicago Tribune, got their hands on it and Obama, who was about to lose the race, came from behind to win.  The Tribune later admitted that the Obama camp had pushed the story hard and that David Axlerod had personally leaked the information.  Obama’s opponent in the race also had been divorced and once again Team Obama went on the attack and got possession of sealed records.  In the custody papers, Ryan had accused his wife of having an affair.  In turn his wife claimed he had taken her to sex clubs which led her to falling in love with another man.  Ryan denied the claim and no proof was ever offered.  Ryan was forced to withdraw from the race, despite the fact he had a huge lead over Obama.


Fast forward to 2008.  In an excellent article by Kimberly Strassel, she documents how Obama attacked conservative non profits and urged the IRS to investigate them.   Bob Bauer, councel for the Obama campaign, and later councel for the White House, and husband of Anita Dunn, who while working for Obama, declared war on Fox News, began a campaign by demanding that the criminal division of the DOJ, investigate conservative group,   American Issues Project.  Their crime?  They ran an ad explaining the ties between Obama and admitted terrorist, William Ayres.Coincidence?

Bauer was not done.  After AIP provided evidence that their ad followed the same guidelines as liberal groups did and had even named their donor, Texas Businessman, Harold Simmons.  Bauer then sent a second letter to the DOJ, demanding prosecution of Simmons for making a legal contribution.  Bauer also sent a letter to AIP demanding records that he and the Obama campaign were not obligated to give him.  Do you see a pattern developing?

Bauer also went after nonprofits associated with Hillary and her donors.  Mr. Bauer filed a complaint with the FEC against the American Leadership Project, a group who supported Hillary.  Bauer had successfully intimidated Clinton, Edwards and their donors, despite the fact that no legal action ever took place.

Now the question is raised, how did Lois Lerner become the head of the division of the IRS in charge of approving tax exempt status for groups applying.  Previously, from 1986 to 2001, Lerner was in charge of the FEC (Federal Election Commission) enforcement division, where she honed her skills of intimidation and unwarranted paperwork that she brought to the IRS.  Beginning in 2010, Lerner used the tactics that had hurt the innocent Christian Coalition and she continually denied she was doing what she in fact was doing.  Coincidence?

Now the crap has hit the fan and Lerner will be forced to resign or will be fired, with pension unless I miss my guess.  They will allow her to complete her thirty fifth year maybe to allow her the maximum pension she could be entitled to but either way she will be gone.  They will not play hard ball with her as she knows where the skeletons are hidden, but she has become a liability Obama just can’t afford.  She will not fair as well as others who coordinated with Obama and the White House to attack Obama’s enemies or to cover up his crimes.

Victoria Nuland who was instrumental in the changing of the CIA talking points is being promoted to  be the next assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs.  The promotion makes her Assistant Secretary of State.  Obama is about to nominate liar for hire, Susan Rice to the National Security Council, as his adviser on National Security, a promotion from her job at the UN.

The principal deputy assistant secretary of State at NEA, Liz Dibble, was involved in security for the Benghazi embassy.  Instead of being fired, she is being given a promotion to a cushy job at the NEA.  Her partner in crime, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Beth Jones, was also responsible for the lack of security at Benghazi.  She is not losing her job either.  Obama’s blue ribbon panel of Thomas Pickering, close friend to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, saw to that, instead placing blame on 4 low level employees , none of whom were involved in any way for security.

Sarah Hall Ingram, who was deeply involved in the IRS scandal has also been promoted to overseeing Obamacare.  Coincidence?

Now, Obama claims to be angry at the IRS for targeting conservatives, even though he himself has a long history of doing that very same thing and he promotes people who are knee deep in scandal.  A pessimist might say that Obama’s crocodile tears and feigned outrage are insincere.  You may call me a pessimist.  Mr Pessimist to you liberals.

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