Obama goons now dogging ‘invincibles’ to buy Obamacare ‘night and day’

Big Brother ObamaThe days when Hari Krishna acolytes hung out at airports may have ended, but a new legion of “the devout” has taken their place. You won’t find them at airport terminals, but you will virtually everywhere else if you live in D.C.

What is the religion to which these believers belong and seek proselytes among the young? It is the religion of Big Brother — the religion of Obamacare enrollment. Fox News reports:

District of Columbia officials are recruiting young residents this weekend to enroll in ObamaCare by showing up where they ‘party by night and shop by day.’

Officials on Saturday visited two Footlocker stores where Nike’s exclusive Air Jordan 12 ‘Taxi’ sneakers were going on sale. And they are scheduled to visit two Denny’s restaurants from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

‘My motto is ‘Get them health care while you get them Jordans,’ DC Health Links representative Vanessa Brooks told Fox News outside a Footlocker in the city’s downtown.

‘Get some health care to go along with them taxis, OK?’ Brooks told those at the store. ‘You got to have it. And you need it.’

The Obama administration and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act have worked hard since enrollment started in October to connect with young people, knowing their participation will help cover the cost of the elderly and others who need more medical care.

Well, isn’t that special? It’s bad enough that the Obama administration spent millions of taxpayer dollars on adorable ads like the one shown here. Having apparently decided that a passive approach was not winning over enough young, healthy hearts and minds to overcome adverse selection, the White House is now encouraging “community leaders” to get in the face of young uninsured.

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