Obama Embarrassed By Overthrow of Terrorists

If Obama had brothers, they would look like this.

For decades before Barack Obama became president, the Muslim Brotherhood were known terrorists.  For some strange reason, they ceased to be terrorists when Obama was inaugurated.  President Hosni Mubarak may have been a tyrant but the people of Egypt were working and the US had a staunch ally who worked closely with the US.

Like Jimmy Carter before him, Obama determined that a radical Muslim extremist government would be beneficial to the people of Egypt.  With just a little support from Obama and Mubarak would have remained president.  Instead, Obama decided that he would help remove Mubarak and replace him with a terrorist organization.  Gee, who would have thought that wouldn’t work?

The Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt and one of their first acts was to arrest a large group of American social workers.  The Brotherhood murdered Christians in the streets and used their terroristic methods to consolidate power.

With just a cursory look at history and you could have seen it coming and perhaps Obama did.  He has a long history of taking the terrorist side in any dispute.  When Anwar Sadat became president of Egypt, he freed the Islamic extremists jailed by his predecessor Nassar.  He called it the `rectification revolution`.  It was his undoing.  The fundamentalists were angered by Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel and they assassinated him.

Now, the people of Egypt have overthrown the oppressive regime of the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama is “upset”.  He is “troubled” by the arrest of members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why?  Perhaps because he invested a lot in ensuring the Muslim Brotherhood had the full support of our government over the objections of congress, republicans and democrats alike.

He supplied the MB with cash, F-16 fighters, Abrams tanks, and 140,000 tear gas canisters.  No matter what atrocity the government perpetrated, they had his backing.  And now that the Egyptian people have taken back their country from the terrorists, Obama says he has to reevaluate US aid.  Terrorists good.  Free people bad.

Congress must rise up and take the decision out of Obama’s hands and nurture the new Egyptian government and support their efforts to rid themselves of the terrorists.  Egypt must be allowed to follow their own path, rather than Obama’s.

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