Obama channels Biden, tells children without chairs to ‘sit down, take a load off’

obama-dumb1It seems Barack Obama has been spending too much time around Joe Biden, the walking, talking gaffe machine now serving his second term as vice president.

While appearing at Coral Reef High School in Florida, Obama told children to “sit down, take a load off.”  He later realized his blunder when he realized the children didn’t have any chairs to sit on.

“We’re making progress,”  he said to cheers. “Yeah, you guys — by the way, you can all sit  down, all right? I didn’t realize everybody was still standing up. Sit  down, take a load off. You guys can’t sit down though, because you don’t  have chairs. You guys stay straight — although bend your knees so you  don’t faint.”

CNS News added:

On the campaign trail five years ago, then-Sen.  Joe Biden famously urged a Missouri state official to “Stand up, Chuck”  — before realizing that the man, a paraplegic, could not stand.

“I’m also told that Chuck Graham, state senator, is here,” Biden said.  “Stand up Chuck, let them see you. Oh, God love ya. What am I talking about. I tell you what, you’re making everybody else stand up, though, pal…I tell you what, stand up for Chuck!”

Video can be seen below: