Obama Caliphate Releases Illegal..30 Minutes Later He Commits a Violent Crime

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POS illegalThe Obama caliphate just saw a previous record beaten.  To the best of my knowledge, no illegal has committed a crime within 24 hours of being released.  That is until now.

Guaymar Cabrera-Hernandez, 24, was released for a previous crime and the Obama caliphate decided in its infinite wisdom that he was not a danger to society.  Maybe not to society, but 30 minutes after walking out of the jail, he had a knife against a woman’s neck so that he could steal her car.  He kept the car for a couple of days and then did the same to a second woman.

This time he was caught after wrecking the car he had stolen.  It’s just a good thing he wasn’t a menace to society.  Things could have gotten really ugly.  Things could get worse.

Washington D.C. is a sanctuary city so Hernandez could be released on bail or even on his own recognizance.  He could be back on the streets in a matter of days.

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Democrats desperately need the votes of these illegal aliens especially given the top two Democratic candidates for president are a wide eyed, wild haired socialist….and Bernie Sanders.

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