Obama Caliphate Orders Illegal Alien Released 3 Weeks Before He Murders Woman

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635736962022232244-juanLake County, Ohio, police detained Juan Emmanual Razo, 35, an illegal alien, three weeks ago, and notified the Obama caliphate which ordered his release.

On Monday, he began a crime spree that started with an attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl, followed by the attempted murder of a woman he shot at and to top it off, he finally did manage to succeed in killing a second woman.  He is now being held on a 10 million dollar bond in the murder of Margaret Kastelnick in her home.  He was captured after a shootout with police.

Razo has been an illegal alien in the country for five years.  Three weeks ago, police found him in a car parked in a lot.  They determined he was an illegal alien and notified Border Control.

Border Control notified Lake County that Razo had no criminal record and ordered them to free Razo immediately.  (I’m willing to bet after a little investigation, they will find Razo has indeed compiled a criminal record.)

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