Obama and RINO Ryan Team Up To Turn Violent Prisoners Loose

Ryan-and-ObamaDonor class and RINO hero, Paul Ryan, is joining with Obama to free violent criminals from prison, like Democrats did in the 1960s that led to a rapid rise in crime.  Imagine the consequences of those actions.  Releasing possibly tens of thousands of violent felons in the Obama economy, where jobs are nonexistent.  Even in the best of times, it’s a high stakes poker game, but with no alternative, most will pick up where they left off before incarceration.

Paul RINO explains it this way:

 “We need to make redemption cool again in society.”

“‘We,’ meaning the political system overcompensated in the 90s, with our sentencing.”  (Crime has been dropping steadily since harsher sentences were imposed in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan.)

“I think the federal government can take the lead on having more discretion for judges on non-violent crimes [because] there are alternatives to incarceration that have proven to be more successful to getting people on the right path and into work.”  (What work?  Even non-felons can’t find jobs under Obama and it will only get worse if the Barack Obama/RINO Ryan trade bill passes with help from RINO Rubio again)

An almost identical plan was implemented in the 1960s and crime increased by 400% by the 1980s.  What has changed to make the plan operational now?  Hardcore liberals like Obama and Ryan like to piss and moan that prison isn’t the answer to rehabilitation.  Hey!  News flash.  Prisons were never designed for rehabilitation, they were built for punishment and the harsher the prison, the lower the rate of recidivism.  With today’s country club prisons, that has all changed and ex-cons no longer fear being returned to prison.

Another thing to consider is that illegal aliens made up 36.7% of all new federal prisoners in 2014, even though they make up less than 3.5% of the population.  What are the chances Obama or Ryan would not free them and allow them to stay in the country?  Why do you think Luis Gutierrez endorsed RINO Ryan for Speaker of the House?  It’s not because he likes his aftershave.  (Or is it?)


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