NYT Attempts to Smear Brett Kavanaugh, Avalanche of Impeachment Calls Ensue

The NYT attempts to smear Justice Kavanaugh fell short. They dropped an article online Saturday  by two of their writers, Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, that once again attempted to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They supposedly reached out to Yale alumni, none of whom recalled any incident like they described. Never deterred, the NYT printed it anyway, touching off a firestorm of Democrats calling for the impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh. Why? To promote the book written by their two reporters.  Never mind the personal damage to a good man.


NYT attempts to smear Justice Kavanaugh

It was a swing and a miss, not that Democrats noticed. The NYT printed the full story on Sunday night. A little late after all the freak outs. Will Democrats see the egg on their faces?

The New York POST reported,

How dishonest was the piece? Well, its biggest “shocker” is noting the existence of yet another alleged Kavanaugh incident — but the article leaves out the fact that the supposed victim doesn’t remember a thing.

For that matter, the guy who apparently made the accusation won’t talk about it: Their account of his memories is based on what other people say he said. Nor has anyone else corroborated the story — though the authors reached out on the Yale alum Facebook page and doggedly tried to track down anyone who might know anything.

The Times piece, and the book, also make a big deal about 25 possible witnesses to the incident sorta-kinda recalled by Deborah Ramirez, which The New Yorker and the Times reported during the confirmation fight.

Remember this?

That was Deborah Ramirez, the person the NYT story referenced over the weekend. The Gateway Pundit noted,

“The 53-year-old accuser Deborah Ramirez told the New Yorker that she was initially hesitant to speak out because she was drunk at the time and her memory had gaps.

She spent six days “carefully assessing her memories” and consulting with her attorney before going public.

This was amazing —During the investigation two male students who were allegedly at the party, the wife of another male student, and three other Yale classmates all told Ronan Farrow that there is no way Kavanaugh assaulted Ramirez.

The New Yorker ran with the story anyway without any credible evidence …only wild 30-year-old accusations from a drunk. It was so bad The New York Times turned the story down. That’s pretty bad!

But now the liberal media is pushing the same debunked story this weekend.”

The FBI was given a copy of the letter referencing the allegations at the time, and it was CC’d to those in charge of the hearings on Kavanaugh. But they didn’t see it as credible. Frankly, neither do we.

Christine Blasey Ford has already admitted she came forward in an attempt to “save Roe v Wade” because she believed the conservative Justice would destroy it. She wasn’t credible either.

The hysterical Democrat response to the NYT lies caused every 2020 Democrat to scream for impeachment, and MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson to call Kavanaugh the “fifth person in a gang rape.”  But the NYT attempts to smear campaign would happen to any Conservative up for the Supreme Court, now that there is a conservative majority- not just Brett Kavanaugh. The left is frantic over the health of their champion, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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