NYPD, Via “Police Off The Cuff” Podcast, Features An Expert in International Terrorism, and Gathering Intelligence [VIDEO]

BEFORE anything else is expounded upon, let the below Book Review (at American Thinker) serve as a qualifying backgrounder and adjunct to today’s highlighted video. Presenting …

WITH that understood and established, truth dare be told, New York City is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket. Indeed, all “credit” should be given to Comrade Mayor Bill de Blasio via his winks and nods to communist/Marxist domestic terror groups — yes, BLM/ANTIFA, this finger is pointing at you, as well as at Islamic jihadi terror hydras. As such, the public must dare not forget this absolute fact: sans years of heavy-lifting by the NYPD, well, the “Big Apple” would be in exponentially worse peril. Imagine that.

MORE tellingly, the likes of today’s NYPD, that is, headed by Commish Dermot Shea — mind you, hand-picked by the aforementioned Commie — is, tragically, not the vaunted NYPD of yesteryear. In a nutshell, it operated like a well-oiled ship under the stewardship and guiding hands of Commish Kelly!

SO much so, as testimony to the above kudos, it was under his strong and stellar leadership that top Detectives were sent overseas to assist in keeping NYC safer; a direct knock-on effect of the horrific carnage inflicted on 9/11/01 by Islamic jihadi barbarians!

AS such, when Bill Cannon (one of two well-informed and entertaining hosts via a podcast-style format) from “Police Off The Cuff” asked today’s guest — Mordecai Dzikansky, (retired) NYPD Homicide Detective, First Grade — for his final analysis of the overall threat assessment to America, it is not for nothing that the following dangers were front and center:

FIRST up, the regime’s flight from Afghanistan was noted. Secondly, the “open sesame” border policy in the south, acting as a force multiplier, was next. Yes, piggy-backs.

AND, without any hesitation, Detective Dzikansky bluntly, and plainly, responded:

“they [jihadists] are like sharks …. they smell blood ….”

ASK yourself: who in their sane mind can’t understand that rational assessment?

SIGNIFICANTLY, as a site focused on Intel and counter-terrorism issues, a side-note is offered up.

HAVING close relationships with many professionals in the field, a recent request was made by a highly-regarded geo-political analyst (who happens to be a well-noted military historian, too) to analyze and assess America’s current strategic “ship of state.”

TO said end, the following excerpt is attached — in so far that it touches upon the very same concluding concerns addressed by Bill Cannon. Hmm.

…..Still, if one exhibit stands out above all others, look no further than to Talibiden Joe’s abandonment of countless Americans to actual Taliban jihadi killers! In tandem, the D.C. cabal enabled the Kabul airport suicide bomber to blow up 13 Marines and others in a knock-on, boomerang-like effect. Yes, they did.

NOT only that, this geo-political earthquake doesn’t even include the blow-back from erasing the entire southern border — in a diabolical power grab to guarantee millions more Demster voters affixed to the rolls, in effect, turning conservative-leaning red states (read: Texas and Arizona for starters, with Florida in the mix) into Marxist-run blue states for generations to come. Deep-state treachery…..

INEXORABLY, another point to assess and factor in: when the fish stinks from the head up, the poison never stops there, that is, when left to its own devices. Even so, contributing factors are always in play.

OMINOUSLY, what else can be expected when domestic terrorists dictate policing (the front-arm to maintaining law and order in any civilized society) via “defund-the-police” treachery? Rhetorical.

CONCLUSIVELY, Commish Shea’s acquiescence (one may be forgiven for inquiring: where are his balls??) to disband the highly successful “anti-crime unit” speaks volumes, thus, making NYC far more dangerous — all of which has a direct knock-on effect, thereby, creating a more dangerous city for everyone, regardless of racial and other bugaboo narratives fed by the Mockingbird Media!


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