NYPD Blocked From Helping Eleven Year Old Girl Being Beaten

The New York Post ran afoul of the NYPD  on August 9, when a Post photographer claimed that police ‘never lifted a finger’ to help an 11 year old girl being beaten in Harlem. When the police responded with a video that showed the officers outnumbered by a violent crowd and the NYPD blocked from getting to the victim, along with bottles thrown at them, the NY Post claimed it “didn’t know” when the video was filmed.

nypd blocked
Screenshot via NYPD video

The 11 year old girl was transported to Mt. Sinai hospital with bruises and cuts. She was also tased during the incident. The beat down lasted about 4 minutes. The girl was able to identify two of her attackers from their social media “handles.”

NYPD blocked?

The incident occurred at around 7 p.m. on August 9 near Madison and East 125th st. The young woman was being beaten by 5 other girls after a basketball game, and though police were called, they were reportedly pushed back away from the beat down by a crowd that outnumbered them.

The photographer, G.N. Miller, took pictures, but didn’t “lift a finger” to stop it, either. The photographer claimed that the police sat around in their cruisers and did nothing until she was bloodied. He also claimed he saw no projectiles being thrown.

The NYPD states his claim was “inaccurate,” and released a video clip of their officers being backed up and bottles thrown at them.

Regardless of who did what or didn’t do, there is a trend that is disturbing. People who stand around taking pictures of incidents rather than attempting to stop the incidents – is it fear that stops them? Police who are told not to intervene or “stand down” or have to be worried about public “opinion” are the victims of political cowards… they need to stand up for their oaths.

This incident could have easily become worse. It didn’t warrant lethal force, but it would have been nice to have someone with a brain intervene.

America needs to stop worrying about what people think, and start acting like the humanity to which they belong.

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H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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