NYC running scared of SCOTUS review of restrictive gun law?

New York City officials are scrambling to avoid a Supreme Court review of the city’s onerous handgun control regulation that prohibits licensed handgun owners from taking their sidearms out of the city; a law so restrictive in nature that they’ve even amended it to allow more liberties for gun owners, starting July 21.

New York City is scrambling to derail a Supreme Court review of its restrictive handgun regulations.(Dave Workman)

According to the Wall Street Journal, the city has asked the high court to “drop its planned review” of the case, which was brought by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association.

This effort has been going on for months, as noted earlier this year by the New York Times.

When the court agreed to take the case—the first Second Amendment issue it has considered since the 2010 McDonald case that nullified Chicago’s handgun ban and incorporated the Second Amendment to the states via the 14th Amendment—there was noticeable panic in the Big Apple. For decades, New York has gotten away with regulating the Second Amendment rights of its citizens to the point of strangulation. Anti-gun city officials, perhaps knowing that they’ve gone too far, are rushing to make sure their anti-gun schemes aren’t declared unconstitutional, thus opening a legal floodgate for additional challenges to other laws.

But attorney Paul Clement, representing the plaintiffs, wrote to the court in opposition to the city’s effort, the WSJ article said.

“It is not at all clear that the City has foresworn the power to control where its residents may transport their duly licensed handguns or that there are no continuing effects from past violations of licensing restrictions,” Clement reportedly told the court.

Anti-gunners seem willing to have taken two steps forward and one step back only because it appears they fear a full slapdown by the court. When the case was first accepted months ago, at least one pundit suggested that the Supremes would not have taken the case if their intent was to uphold the law.

Gun control extremism has become a campaign issue with Democrats each vying to out-do one another when it comes to stepping on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Monday’s departure of anti-gun California Congressman Eric Swalwell from the crowded Democrat field leaves only about two dozen other gun prohibitionists – literally everyone still in the running – in the race.

However, rights activists think the time is ripe for another Second Amendment review by the Supreme Court and the New York case involves such an egregious restriction that by scampering to change the law in an effort to moot the case amounts to an admission that the law was wrong.

The time has come, many gun owners argue, for the Supreme Court with its apparent conservative majority to start slamming the door on gun control and to “make the Second Amendment great again.”


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