NY Times analysis of Kenosha shooting offers clarification from chaos

In this screen snip from a video widely circulated on social media and by various news agencies, the Kenosha shooting was captured as it happened. (YouTube, Chicago Sun-Times, Brendan Gutenschwager)

A team of reporters and visual investigators with the New York Times has produced a remarkable step-by-step report on the movement of double murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, leading up to the two separate fatal shootings in which he was allegedly involved, and it could become a key piece of information for both the prosecution and defense.

Rittenhouse, a resident of Antioch, Illinois, which is just across the state line from Wisconsin, was arrested and is now in jail. He was captured on several videos on the night of the shootings and was even interviewed by one reporter prior to the fatal incidents:

Videos of the second shooting, in which one man was fatally wounded and another was shot in the arm while appearing to be aiming a small handgun aimed at the suspect’s head are graphic. Some local news stations that were provided with copies of the video have frozen-framed the image just before the fatal shot is fired, and then pick up the action when the suspect gets back on his feet and begins walking toward approaching police vehicles.

One of the men killed during the incident was 26-year-old Anthony Huber, described as a “talented skateboarder.” According to published reports, he was shot when he “attacked the shooter with his skateboard in order to save another person from being shot.” The most graphic of all the videos shows him stagger a few paces before slumping to the pavement.

The first shooting victim was identified as Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, who moved to Kenosha within the past year from his home in Waco, Texas.

A third shooting victim survived. He is identified as Gaige Grosskreutz, 26. He’s the man wounded in the arm, who was holding a handgun in several still images now circulating on social media. The bullet wound is severe—he was also shot at point-blank range—but reports say he will recover.

One thing the Times analysis has done is separate various gunshots. At least 16 were apparently fired during the incident by unknown shooters. In his confrontation with Huber and Grosskreutz, the suspect only fires twice, once at each of the other men.

There are competing narratives, with one having the suspect being the instigator and the other asserting the teen fired only in self-defense at all three men who were shot.

There are also questions about why Rittenhouse was even in Kenosha, walking around with a semi-auto rifle, which may be another problem entirely. Also, he came to Kenosha from outside the state. Antioch may be 20 minutes from Kenosha, but it is in a neighboring state, and the suspect had to cross a state line to get to the location of the shooting incidents.

One thing is certain. This case is going to be complicated.

(Note: The featured image is a screen snip from a YouTube video posted by WGN.)


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