NY Proposal to Ban Archery, Rifle, Trap Shooting Programs in Schools

A New York Democrat proposed a bill that would change sports for all New York Schools: ban archery, rifle, and trap shooting programs in NY Schools because they “promote the gun culture.”

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) introduced a bill that would ban all shooting and archery sports, saying that to have them present in the school promotes the “gun culture.” Since shooting classes and these type of sports are funded by grants from the NRA, and the revelation that Nikolas Cruz once participted in competition shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, has seemingly fueled her liberal thought process.

“Marksmanship programs in public schools were once popular, but a rise in gun violence and school shootings in recent years has spurred a long overdue re-evaluation of their place in our students curriculum. A number of schools which still operate marksmanship programs do so through grants from the National Rifle Association, including Parkland, Fla. high school where a former student and marksmanship team member murdered 17 students and teachers in February 2018.”

New York currently has 28 school air rifle teams, and several archery teams. But not if this proposal is passed.

According to the Daily Caller,

“Also citing the “Gun Free School Zones Act,” passed by Congress in 1990, Rosenthal argued that no school could truly be considered “gun free” until the exemption for competitive teams was stricken from the law and all shooting sports were banned from school grounds.”

So think about this: New York Police removed armed school officers from their schools, as we previously reported. Parents were exceedingly angry. It’s the opposite view from what this Democrat says. She wants all guns removed (typical liberal) and is hot to destroy the kid’s ability to participate in those kind of sports.

Archery sports, like shooting, teach kids to concentrate. In a day and age where our children are constantly being bombarded with stimuli, these sports show them how to focus. Archery builds physical strength on top of that.

The only “re-evaluation” that needs to take place is that idea that our children should be totally unprotected, and should never learn how to use guns or bows and arrows.

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New York bill would ban riflery, trap shooting, archery in public schools https://t.co/0qwotz9X6z

Bill Would Ban All School Target Shooting and Archery Clubs in New York https://t.co/fvqDe3fBLp pic.twitter.com/Ap4yiCSXt6

Upstate New Yorker’s are going to love it if a Manhattan assemblywoman gets their archery club banned.

The bill proposed by a New York City assemblywoman would ban riflery, archery and even gun safety education programs at New York public schools.https://t.co/jjbKiXh7Sk

https://t.co/uXo6rXf9ZO https://t.co/2toi4PCHZR

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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