NY Governor Cuomo commutes sentence of cop-killing leftist

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When cop killer Judith Clark was sentenced to 75 years to life in prison for murdering a security guard and two police officers, Judge David S. Ritter said at the sentencing in 1983, “History will judge their extremist views.”

Those views were laid out at trial where one witness called by the defense said the murderers were “freedom fighters” and “anti-white imperialists.” It was a laughable argument that no one bought. Judith and her band of imperialists — the good kind, that is — were part of the Weatherman Underground in partnership with the Black Liberation Army.

But Judge Ritter happened to be prophetic because New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has commuted the sentence of Judith Clark, making her eligible for parole in 2017. Cuomo, given to nostalgia for past leftist heroes, has judged her extremist views as something that is with the times and kinda cool.

Clark was one of six that held up a Brinks armored car in 1981 and killed a security guard in the process then killed two police officers at a blockade. They would have killed more but Judith wasn’t quick enough to fetch her 9mm semi-automatic sitting on the floor of the getaway vehicle. At her trial she displayed no remorse, donned a proud smile throughout and never missed an opportunity to raise her fist for the cameras.

Police groups and the families of the slain are launching petitions to reverse the decision. They happen to not be down with the cause, probably voted for Trump and worst of all mostly white. Come on.

All is not lost, however, as Clark must still win over the parole board, the New York Times reported in late December.

President Obama — last day today, hurrah! — actually started the process of forgiveness of these radical groups by, for one, being great pals with one of the Weatherman leaders. Obama even had proponents of cop-hating Black Lives Matter at the White House. As of this writing Obama has yet to top Cuomo and probably feels a tinge of jealousy. But in his defense he did commute the sentence of an army sergeant Bradley — now Chealsea — Manning, who committed treason because she happened to have a sex change operation. So like, that was cool.

If given the right political leanings, there is nothing one can’t get away with when it comes to radical leftist politicians. Murder, treason, you name it. If you’re down with the right cause and perhaps committed crimes in the name of that cause, give it time. The right guy will set you free.


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