NY cupcake company compares Jews in Israel to Nazis

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500x406xcupcake-crew.jpg.pagespeed.ic.sLJCF8Q6oRThe Cupcake Crew, a New York City company that touts itself as “a family of born and raised Brooklynites with a love for everything food and a crazed passion for everything cupcake,” decided Wednesday to join the ranks of the unhinged, anti-Semitic left, comparing Jews to Nazis on Twitter.

Although the vile tweet was deleted, it was captured by the Gateway Pundit, and can be seen below:

pigs1Naturally, the tweet didn’t sit too well with a number of people:

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pigs2But that doesn’t mean the company saw the light and backed off.  Here’s just a few of the messages the Twitter account re-tweeted:




I’ve never been to New York, but if I ever do go, I’ll be sure to avoid this place like the plague…


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