NY columnist’s satirical questionnaire on gun control deadly accurate

Gun control questionnaire takes brutally honest look at the anti-gun mindset. (Dave Workman image)

Buffalo News columnist Rod Watson obviously had tongue pressed firmly in cheek when he wrote a questionnaire related to gun control in the Empire State, but the multiple-choice options for answering amount to a deadly accurate representation of how air-headed gun prohibitionists can be to justify their mindset.

Watson calls his little exercise the “New York State Common Sense Gun Quiz.” Alas, those in the gun prohibition camp don’t really know what true “common sense” is, despite the fact they pander every gun control scheme that comes along as a “common sense proposal,” the columnist observes.

Watson asks, for example, what a homeowner should do in the event he/she hears glass breaking and an intruder making his way upstairs “where your spouse and children are still asleep.”

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“Your first move,” Watson says, “is to call 911 because your home is a gun-free zone. The armed invader, hearing you on the phone, most likely will:

a. Wait for the police to show up, to ensure that it’s a fair fight

b. Hand you his spare gun and wait for you to draw first

c. Kill you and your family because you are your own first defender, and you’ve chosen to be defenseless.”

Anti-gunners are also anti-self-defense, and this question may seem amusing at first to anyone with common sense, but upon a few moments of deep reflection, there is more brutal honesty here than comic relief. Defenseless families have been brutalized by home invaders. People have suffered grave bodily harm or been murdered while waiting for the police.

As the saying goes, “When seconds count, police are minutes away.”

Keep in mind the people at whom these questions are aimed are the same sort of people who will find some way to blame President Donald Trump for the downing of that jet in Iran (i.e. “If Trump hadn’t killed that terrorist general, the Iranians wouldn’t have felt compelled to launch a missile barrage and be on high alert to shoot at anything moving in their airspace”).

Another Watson question challenges readers about the effectiveness of gun-free school zone signs:

a. “Law-abiding criminals read them and decide to go elsewhere

b. Law-abiding criminals read them and leave their guns outside before storming in

c. Law-breaking criminals read them and salivate over the soft target.”

Watson is not just some hack. He’s the newspaper’s urban affairs editor and according to a short bio, he “oversees coverage of the city school system, City Hall reporting, the federal courts, transportation and politics.” Translation: He’s got the depth of experience to poke a little stinging fun at an audience in a state where gun control is practiced like a religion by many people, including the governor and top legislators.

The scenarios Watson describes and the optional answers he provides can apply to gun grabbers anywhere in the country, from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.

One might naturally expect anti-gunners to defensively ridicule the Watson column as so much rubbish, but only because they will find it to be uncomfortably close to the truth. And the truth that emerges from Watson’s little foray into the gun debate is that the utopian bubble in which gun prohibitionists want to live is full of holes and ready to burst.


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