NUKE DEAL: Iran Taking ‘Victory Lap’ Over Joe’s WEAK ‘Leadership’

Joe’s big plan was to bring back a treaty so lame that Obama needed political sleight of hand to sneak it past the Senate. A plan opposed even by Chuck Schumer.

Now that Joe’s team is in office, with his mitts on the levers of power, he’s trying to revive a deal that even the Iranians themselves expressly had no interest in revisiting.

The deal was so bad last time that Iran got their benefits up-front, (including money they promptly spent on funding terrorism) and have cheated on their end of the bargain.

American officials are getting ready to resume talks with Iran. But it’s not off to a great start. How bad is it?

A Free Beacon article opened with the following sentence:

Iranian officials are claiming victory over the United States as diplomats gather this week for negotiations over a revamped nuclear deal, discussions that are likely to result in the Biden administration lifting tough economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

This doesn’t sound like we’re entering into potentially win-win negotiations. This sounds like a strong negotiator entering into a deal with someone who can’t afford to walk away from the table. That’s NOT a strong starting point for us to be negotiating from.

Say whatever you want about President Donald Trump, he would NEVER have gone to the Iranian mullahs cap-in-hand as a supplicant begging for terms.

Biden’s offer of pre-emptive surrender was clearly NOT a strong opening bid. Iran has taken it as a sign of weakness, and is proceeding accordingly.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said Tuesday that his country’s leaders will not sit down for talks with the Americans, including U.S.-Iran envoy Robert Malley. American diplomats, however, expect indirect communications through intermediaries. Rabiei said the negotiations, which will occur in Vienna, represent a victory over the United States and the former Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran, which included some of the most wide-ranging economic sanctions in history. The Iran spokesman predicted the Biden administration will have no choice but to lift these sanctions in the near future.

Iran’s posturing is accompanied by increased nuclear work, moves likely meant to further pressure the Biden administration into granting concessions during the talks in Vienna. Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization said Tuesday that it is ready to unveil “133 new nuclear achievements,” including “quantum, enrichment, heavy water, radiopharmaceuticals, [and] lasers,” according to state-controlled press. The country is also pressing forward with the installation of IR-9 centrifuges, an advanced type of nuclear enrichment device that more quickly and efficiently turns uranium into fuel for a nuclear weapon.

Biden administration officials say they are ready to grant Iran sanctions relief before the country even halts its growing nuclear program and comes back into compliance with the original 2015 accord. Iranian leaders see that readiness as a rebuke of the former Trump administration and its hardline policies. Rabiei, for instance, said the Americans’ willingness to sit down for indirect talks in Vienna represents a victory for the mullahs and vindicates his country’s nuclear program.

“We are confident that in the very near future, the U.S. government will have no choice but to end its lawless conduct, and that unilateral sanctions which are in violation of international agreements and regulations will end,” Rabiei said. “As we predicted at the height of the Trump administration’s bullying and pressure, the United States eventually, frustrated by the wrong path, admit that maximum pressure has failed and that there is no choice but to revive the [nuclear deal] and get all parties back to their commitments.” —FREEBEACON

They are patting themselves on the back for their ‘success’ of holding firm throughout the pressure of Trump’s presidency, waiting until the next Presidential Election gave them an opportunity for a ‘reset’.

And isn’t that exactly what John Kerry had counseled Iran to do? With friends like these, who really needs enemies?

Here’s a related story, for anyone with a short memory of exactly who we are dealing with here IRANIAN COLLUSION: Biden’s Secretary Of State Held ‘Backchannel’ Talks With Iran For YEARS To Thwart Trump Diplomacy

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