NSA data collection: Trump fixes another Obama mistake

Protester none too happy with Obama’s NSA. (Twitter)

Thanks to Barack Obama, the NSA (National Security Agency) went from being just another little known shadowy government bureaucracy no one really knew much about or trusted, to a very well known shadowy government bureaucracy that everyone knows about or trusts even a little.

As reported by PJ Media and the Reuters news service, in a surprise “sudden and unexpected triumph” fed-up with the federal government illegally collecting their digital data, the NSA announced they “will no longer collect without a warrant the digital communications of Americans who are mentioned by a foreign intelligence target.”

During the years of the Obama reign, the NSA’s authority to collect personal information by way of data collecting minus those bothersome search warrants and that pesky Fourth Amendment, but the Trump Administration has brought that to a screeching stop;

The halt is among the most substantial changes to U.S. surveillance policy in years and comes as issues of digital privacy remain contentious across the globe following the 2013 disclosures of broad NSA spying activity by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

“NSA will no longer collect certain internet communications that merely mention a foreign intelligence target,” the agency said in a statement. “Instead, NSA will limit such collection to internet communications that are sent directly to or from a foreign target.”

NSA also said it would delete the “vast majority” of internet data collected under the surveillance program “to further protect the privacy of U.S. person communications.”

The decision is an effort to remedy privacy compliance issues raised by rules implemented in 2011 by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which operates in secrecy, sources familiar with the matter said.

As seen in the video below, Candidate Obama has quite the debate with President Obama regarding government spying on its own citizens as well as slyly questioning the wisdom of Constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure.

Specifically, Obama stammered his way through, “We can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy annnd zero inconvenience. Uhh, er… We-we’re gonna have to make some choices… uh, as a society.”

But contradicting core principles aren’t exactly alien to Barry Obama. He’s the same one who hammered “Wall Street fat cats,” but now has taken $800,000 from those same hated Wall Street types for just two speeches.



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