NRA Supports Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Pick: Here’s Why

The NRA supports Kavanaugh, as do other gun advocacy groups. Why? NRA’s Chris Cox noted prior to Trump’s announcement that ‘four Supreme Court Justices say you have the right to have a firearm in your own home to defend your family. Four other justices say you don’t. Justice Anthony Kennedy was the deciding vote that said you did. He’s retiring.’ The man Trump picked for his replacement, Brett Kavanaugh, has stood firm on his decisions to rule in favor of the Second Amendment, even when he has been the lone voice.

NRA supports kavanaugh

“Semi-automatic rifles, like semi-automatic handguns, have not traditionally been banned and are in common use by law-abiding citizens for self-defense in the home, hunting, and other lawful uses…But our task is to apply the Constitution and the precedents of the Supreme Court, regardless of whether the result is one we agree with as a matter of first principles or policy.” Brett Kavanaugh, Dissenting opinion in Heller II

Gee, interpreting the Constitution as the framers intended. What a novel idea. The NRA supports Kavanaugh, as does the Second Amendment Foundation and other gun advocacy groups.

NRA-ILA wrote:

“During his tenure on the U.S. Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh wrote a strong dissenting opinion in opposition to Washington, D.C.’s ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and registration requirement by applying an historical test consistent with Justice Scalia’s opinion in Heller.

Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated his clear belief that the Constitution should be applied as the Framers intended. To that end, he has supported the fundamental, individual right to self-defense embraced by Justice Scalia in the historic Heller decision.”

Liberals are spreading the fear that he might expand the Heller ruling and rule against many of the states’ anti-gun laws, particularly Concealed Carry regulations and gun bans. While that scenario isn’t likely, it is a hope for gun rights advocates.

The Second Amendment Foundation wrote:

“We’re encouraged by this nomination, because by adding Judge Kavanaugh, we might see the high court become more willing to accept and rule on important Second Amendment issues, such as right-to-carry.

While the Supreme Court has twice affirmed in the last ten years that the Second Amendment protects a fundamental, individual right to keep a firearm for home defense but the court has yet to even begin defining the right to bear arms outside of the home or business, in public.

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We know that the Court will face enormous challenges on other rights issues, but the right to keep and bear arms is a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights that has set this nation apart as a beacon of freedom and liberty. It is time for the court to examine the constitutionality of various state laws that restrict the right to carry, for example, and make arbitrary decisions about who can exercise that right.SAF President Adam Gottlieb

Nautrally gun-grabbers like Bloomberg, Everytown, Moms Demand Action, Chuck Schumer, etc. are all in full throttle tantrum over the pick and are vowing to block his nomination at every turn. They will not succeed, so they might as well go sulk in their safe spaces.

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