Now Even the Secret Service Lies for Obama

SSObamaThe Secret Service put out a statement that said the reason they blocked the Republican students from attending the speech by that craven coward who cannot stand not being adored, was that the event was at capacity.  And that’s why they could not get in to see the Wimpette in Chief.  That’s a bold faced lie.

In order to control how many people showed up, tickets were issued.  All of the members of the Republicans on campus, showed up early and had their tickets.  They should have been let in before non-ticket holders…….unless the plan was to exclude them.  Which was obviously the plan.  It’s sad to see a once respected organization like the Secret Service being reduced to a whipping boy for a cowardly, egotistical buffoon.

According to a report on Campus Reform, the Young Republicans were told they were being kept out for “security reasons.”  Now true, having opposition there could have made Obama wet his little girl panties, but that would hardly be life threatening.

(Editor’ note:  You can see more on this story here.)


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