Note to leftists: If you issue tweets about killing Donald Trump, the Secret Service will find you

trump-shootI covered this a lot during the 2012 election as it seemed that leftists were constantly tweeting threats to murder Mitt Romney.  Well guess what?  It’s still happening, only this time, it appears that Donald Trump is the primary target.

But, The Blaze reported Tuesday, if you do, be warned: The Secret Service will find you and they will question the hell out of you, as they should:

Eli Martinez was awakened last Thursday morning by his father telling him that the U.S. Secret Service was there to see him at his home in the Chicago suburbs.

“I thought he was kidding, or I was dreaming,” Martinez told Mashable.

Only a few days earlier, Martinez tweeted what he said a joke about killing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I think I have to kill Trump,” the tweet read. “None of y’all gon do it, I have to take measures into my own hands.”

The 20-year-old Martinez said agents asked about his personal, medical and employment history. They also asked if he was a legal U.S. citizen and if he had ever purchased weapons.

Tré Goins-Phillips added:

According to Mashable, Martinez’s experience is not that unique. In fact, threatening any presidential candidate is likely to result in a visit from the Secret Service.

Though the Secret Service has not commented specifically on threats to Trump’s life, a spokesman did outline the duties of the agency and how it handles threats against candidates.

“If you see anything that applies on Twitter,” the spokesman said, “we’re going to investigate.”

Under current law, anyone who ”knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm” upon a candidate should expect a visit from the Secret Service and could face fines and up to five years in jail. These laws were instituted in 2009, when the Secret Service expanded its “Internet Threat Desk” in order to handle threats on President Barack Obama’s life.

So, leftists inclined to call for the murder of any candidate should be warned — you will be found and you will be questioned.

We can’t help but wonder, though: What would the country be like if all of these cretins were tossed behind bars for five years?



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