NOT Going to Indict and Rightfully So

verdict1 who's responsibleTo indict or NOT to indict…that was the $64 thousand question that we all waited with baited breath to hear the answer to. Thankfully, the right decision was reached…NO true bill* returned on each of the five indictments…and so Officer Darren Wilson will NOT be indicted…as it should be.

Michael Brown was a thug and a hoodlum heading down the wrong path in life and his choosing the wrong path led directly to his death. After robbing a local Ferguson convenience store and strong-arming the proprietor, the six foot three inch 300 pound thug wandered aimlessly down Ferguson’s streets interfering with the flow of traffic. Stopped by Officer Wilson and told to get out of the road, Brown chose to become belligerent and it went downhill from there until he lay dead on the street…lay dead on the street of his own accord as the official autopsy report showed.

But instead of this incident rightfully ending with that report, the race-baiters and white-haters chose to turn Michael Brown’s death into their ’cause de jour’ as they trumpeted Brown’s ‘dead-self’ around as payback for Trayvon Martin. Bringing in outside agitators, the likes of the New Black Panthers and race-baiters ‘par excellence’ Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder, all together added fuel to the fire of black verses white hate, with a bit of collective guilt thrown in for good measure. And they did it all while Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the ultimate of all racists as he so outwardly displays his hatred of his white half…chose to look away to what was going on as his minions stirred up the people until mob mentality violence ruled Ferguson’s streets.

verdict5 brown wan no innocent kidAnd even when all the forensic evidence pointed to the fact that Officer Wilson did indeed act in self-defense, and being that it was NOT what the black race-baiters and white-haters wanted to hear, miraculously up pops ‘new’ evidence that now needed to be heard. And the Grand Jury…likely a fearful Grand Jury…bowed to the findings of this miraculously appearing new evidence and delayed what should have been a cut-and-dry decision to possibly give the race-baiters and white-haters the verdict they so wanted to hear. And with the evidence on hand now being ‘interpreted’ by an aged forensic ‘so-called’ expert, who called his results ‘the indisputable truth’…the ‘indisputable truth’ even after his being denied by the court a look-see at the all-important critical police evidence the first forensic team had access to. And so the announcement of a decision was held up by days as tensions and the number of paid outside agitators in the streets of Ferguson continued to grow and fester.

verdict3 obama sends 3This forcing of a second forensic investigation was indeed a misguided attempt to delay the announcing of a rightful decision…as in if you don’t like the first findings continue on until you do like what’s found…continue on until it meets your agenda’s goal…continue on until by hook or by crook a black thug is found innocent and a white police officer is hung out to dry…so to speak…indicted solely to satisfy the race-baiters and white-haters call for revenge for what they see as perceived injustices done to them when it was their long dead ancestors 150 plus years ago who were the slaves.

Try to hang an innocent white man, so to speak, so some have a ‘so-called’ justifiable reason to again riot and loot but this time saying it is being done as a stress release…a stress release so they can relish in their misguided satisfaction of payback for believing that everything bad in their miserable lives is ‘whitey’s’ fault instead of blaming themselves for their dead end lot in life…a lot in life directly caused by their own bad choices. Bad choices like continually blaming the white man as the reason why some…and I only say some…black women are ‘forced’ by circumstances to have child after child each with a different ‘daddy’ and none of them with a husband…having child after child so they can ‘just get by’ they say, and doing so with even more welfare monies then they already get as they believe ‘whitey’ owes them and owes them big time.

verdict4 holder with dollar sign eyesTry to hang an innocent white man so some can close their eyes to the fact that the reason they are going nowhere in life is that their dropping out of school translates into menial dead-end jobs being all they can and will ever get…that is if they bother to even work at all. Blame the white man for their ghetto existence when the root cause of it all…the root cause of all the black community’s problems…is the disintegration of the black family unit as more and more black families are headed by single moms with so many children with the afore mentioned multitude of daddies. Try to hang an innocent white man…so to speak…so race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and even Obama can (I believe) line their own pockets because some blacks are suffering, yet that very suffering is what makes it so easy for these vile men to make a buck off the misery of those they call ‘brothers.’

Try to hang an innocent white man by ‘railroading’ a verdict of sorts so yet another white on black incident becomes the untruthful overblown darling of media fodder while the way more prevalent numbers of black on white crimes goes unnoticed, unspoken of, and unreported. Try to zero in on and hang…so to speak…an innocent white man for NO other reason than for a twisted sense of revenge for the Trayvon Martin case NOT going a certain wanted way NO matter the fact that he too was just another of many black thugs who again made so many bad choices in life.

verdict 50 yearsAnd while this Grand Jury vacillated for a bit, in the end they did the right thing based on the facts NOT on the race-baiters and white-haters trying to blackmail…YES blackmail…them into believing that a NO indictment ruling would cause them to be the catalyst for even more riots, looting, and the burning of their own town to the ground. Thankfully, these jurors finally saw that what happened in Ferguson was NOTHING but a continuing performance of theater of the absurd put on by those who didn’t even live in the town that became ground zero in this new American Civil War…a war started by a president and his minions who delight in ripping the scab off long-healing racial wounds, and who high-five each other for helping to set race relations back 50 years or more.

So to this Grand Jury I say ‘thank you’ for doing the right thing and that maybe now the healing can begin…a healing that begins with recognizing the fact that a black thug and hoodlum was seen and judged for what he truly was, and that now an innocent white police officer can go on with his life…and that none of this should ever have been about the color of either man’s skin.

* A legal procedure to dismiss charges against a defendant when the grand jury does not find enough evidence to charge the defendant with violating a law. Also called a “no bill.”

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