Northam apology to VA gun owners demanded for hysteria

Thousands of gun owners rallied at the Virginia Capitol in Richmond Monday without incident. (Screen snip, YouTube, Global News)

After an estimated 22,000 pro-Second Amendment activists converged on the Virginia Capitol in Richmond Monday, a national grassroots gun rights organization called on Gov. Ralph Northam to apologize to gun owners for essentially demonizing them and suspending their rights days before the rally.

There were a handful of highly-publicized arrests over the weekend of alleged provocateurs who may have been on their way to cause trouble. But with that many armed people in the crowd, no trouble broke out.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said in a prepared statement, “Gov. Northam should beg forgiveness from every Virginia resident his Chicken Little drama both offended and demonized over the past several days.”

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb accused the anti-gun Democrat governor of trying to discourage attendance at the rally by declaring an emergency and announcing a temporary ban on firearms in Capitol Square.

“Northam’s paranoid emergency disarmament order ignored years of peaceful tradition and treated Commonwealth gun owners as common criminals,” he observed. “How many more thousands of Virginia citizens did not attend Monday’s peaceful rally because of the governor’s alarmist rhetoric about possible violence?”

According to The Hill, many of the thousands who marched through Richmond streets were visibly armed with sidearms or semi-auto rifles.

Some network news coverage seemed to avoid showing the full extent of the crowd. It was massive, spreading around the block with an estimated 16,000 mostly armed citizens jamming streets near the capitol.

“Ralph Northam owes his citizens an apology,” Gottlieb insisted. “His gun-hating hysteria has spawned a remarkable Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that we support and hope to see expand in the months ahead. Grassroots gun enthusiasts are fed up. We are tired of being treated like second-class citizens because we defend the Second Amendment that Northam would like to destroy.”

Democrats, with Northam on point, began talking about gun control last November on the day after the legislative elections gave them the majority in the General Assembly. They have been throwing proposals at Commonwealth gun owners for more than two months. On Monday, those gun owners came to the capitol to respond.

The turnout was awesome and even with all of those firearms in open sight nobody was shot. A rumored attempt to create an incident never materialized, but it did give Northam all the excuse needed to announce the temporary gun ban.

Last November, only about 40 percent of Virginia voters returned ballots. The result was a loss of leadership for Republicans. Several people are suggesting on social media that will never happen again.

“Today’s huge turnout in Richmond, and last Friday’s rally in Olympia, Washington sent a message that America’s law-abiding firearms owners are not about to just go quietly in the night,” Gottlieb said. “After months of demonization by Democrat presidential candidates, and a winter’s worth of gun control threats from Virginia’s new Democrat majority, the wrath of citizen activists has been sparked.”


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