Nordic rumble brewing between Norwegians and Muslim thugs

Sons of Odin. Photo: Youtube screen capture.
Sons of Odin. Photo: Youtube screen capture.

What started in late 2015 as a small group of men in Kemi, Finland, who decided to take a stand against both Muslim lawlessness and government impotence has spread across Northern Europe and as far as the United States. As reported by the Norway’s English-language news portal The Local on Feb. 26, 2016, the Norwegian branch of The Soldiers of Odin certainly seem on a collision course with an Islamist group who have tagged themselves The Soldiers of Allah.

Initially founded by self-proclaimed patriots who took it upon themselves to patrol the streets to protect native Finns from marauding migrants, a number of Norwegian cities began seeing young men sporting bomber jackets with the patch of the Viking god Odin affixed on the back. But the group denies they are vigilantes, but rather nothing more than concerned citizens who want to serve as eyes and ears for the police who they say are struggling to fulfill their constabular duties.

However, as reported by The Local, “People with known ties to the Oslo Islamist scene claim to have created the group ‘Soldiers of Allah’ (Jundullaah) to counter the controversial Soldiers of Odin group now patrolling Norwegian streets.” An anonymous spokesman from Oslo’s growing Islamist underground stated, “In response to the infidel group Soldiers of Odin patrols, we Muslims have chosen to create a group that will patrol the streets, first in Oslo, to prevent evil and encourage the good.”

Perhaps giving a solid clue to their definitions of “evil” and “good” are, another anonymous member of the Soldiers of Allah’s disclosed what the official uniform of their patrols would be: a black hoodie decorated with the black flag of terror group ISIS. As the Reuters news service reported in last January, the root cause for the founding of the Soldiers of Odin in Finland was due to local police being incapable of stemming the rising crime rate that the group blames on “Islamist intruders.”

Reuters also made note of the Finnish police reporting harassment of women by “men with a foreign background” at New Year celebrations in Helsinki, as well as at various other public events last autumn. Widely ignored by the Western media at the time, Reuters also cited, “Police files show reported cases of sexual harassment in Finland almost doubled to 147 in the last four months of 2015 from 75 in the same period a year earlier. The figures give no ethnic breakdown of the alleged perpetrators.”


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