NO WAY to VET Syrian or any Middle Eastern refugees

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As a Former U.S. Navy Special Intelligence operator, who held a Top Secret SI clearance, I can say with “100% certainty” that there is NO WAY to VET any of these Syrian refugees!

Why? Because Syria, along with most of the rest of the Middle East does NOT have the same records/protocols/data systems in place for such an undertaking. Even if they did, would you put your trust in ANYTHING they give you? NO, neither would I.

Lastly, for all of you mindless minions who retort with; “Well the United Nations could provide said vetting information.”

First off for ANYONE that really believes that, I have some farmland in “Ethiopia” to sell you, CHEAP!

Second of all, the U.N. is the single MOST CORRUPT, UNETHICAL, EVIL and SELF SERVING entity on the face of the earth, BAR NONE!! Would you TRUST ANYTHING they say or do in reference to this subject matter? NO, neither would I.3

Not only that, they ascribe and push for the NWO/One-Worlder edict, in which they look to “lower the standard of living” of the United States down to the level of the rest of the banana republic hellholes that infest the world. SO they would LOVE NOTHING BETTER, than to let this ISLAMIC caliphate/jihad TROJAN HORSE “quite simply” walk into our country and EAT IT, like a cancer from the inside out.

Why do you think they want to disarm American citizens? Why do you think that they are the “root cause” for the lie that is “climate change?” To more easily press forward with their ruinous agenda(s).

Long term plan for the devout Islamic Koran-following Muslim? Simple, “OUTBREED” the countries that they infest, so as to create a population that can simply “VOTE” for the politicians they want to get their way with Shariah Law as the law of the land. AND THAT, will probably be within 25 years for some of these “UBER PC” socialistic European countries.1americans wake up

And (IMHO) “IF” this is allowed to continue unabated here in the United States and the other Western European countries that are, at this current time, not readily accepting refugees, about 50 years.

WAKE UP EVERYONE, if you value the future of your children and grandchildren, PLEASE DO NOT allow this EVIL CANCER to metastasize anymore or anywhere in the world where it exists.

The time to eradicate it or at the very least, quarantine it, to as low a threat level as possible is NOW!!


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Michael Slavin, Sr.

Former United States Navy Special Intelligence Operator who held a Top Secret SI security clearance. Father of 5 beautiful and highly intelligent children and grandfather of 1 equally beautiful and intelligent granddaughter. My life's quote; My passion and Patriotism radiate from deep within my being, for I wish to leave my children and grandchildren a strong and vibrant republic, from which they may pursue their passions and dreams unhindered by an over reaching and obtrusive government~~~~~~Michael Slavin Sr.

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