No FBI Apology For Dismissal Of The Constitution

FBI surveillance of Latin Mass communities is unthinkable, even if it is cited as necessary by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center is so far left it makes Joseph Stalin look like a member of the John Birch Society.

This FBI memo repealed the first 10 words of the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. …” That absolute restriction reserving freedom of religion to the people was the first thing on the minds of the men who assembled the government of the United States of America, and some FBI bureaucrat working in the Virginia satellite FBI office cannot be allowed to issue a memo eliminating the Bill of Rights or any portion thereof. Is the memo writer still employed?

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The FBI does not care about that. The memo died when a whistleblower shined light on its existence. While the memo is gone, the FBI attitude has not changed.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It is more important to note the FBI, in its retraction memo, ignored constitutional government, citing instead the “exacting” standards of its own department. The FBI can, apparently, plead innocence by citing the FBI as proof.

What that means is the FBI will revisit this censorship of religion, just as it repeatedly assaults the right to keep and bear arms. Even mentioning the right to keep and bear arms gets one placed on an FBI watch list. The FBI has been so politicized it has become a primary enemy of self-government.

Perhaps if the FBI budget were cut in half, some of this extra-curricular activity might cease?

As we see here, the FBI suddenly discovered it lacked the powers exercised by King Henry VIII who turned Catholic worship into a death sentence. Henry’s actions were so grievous, Englishmen started leaving the island for more tolerant counties on the continent. Henry died in 1547, but as soon as the opportunity to escape tyrannical government became available, people filled the Mayflower and the ill-fated Speedwell for the voyage to a land where religious freedom might prevail.

As an aside, that runs counter to the 1619 project and the race-baiters who claim America was an effort by white people to enslave Third World people. That discussion never took place. Devotees of 1619 simply hate white people. Their purpose is to enslave white people and substitute Marxism for freedom. In that environment, the current FBI would prosper.

The modern FBI has chosen to work on behalf of the Democrat Party and its host of NGOs. As a quasi-military force, employing weapons and tactics borrowed from the military, any American may anticipate a SWAT team and overwhelming force at the front door. The constitution also protects citizens against unreasonable searches, allows them to be secure in their homes, property and papers; subject, of course, to unrestricted search, seizure and arrest by the FBI. Oh, wait. That past part is not in the Constitution, but it is a staple of the Democrat Party campaign to make the Republican Party a permanent outcast.

“Hey, if I am secure in my papers, why are you walking out the front door with my computer? If I am secure in my home, why did you destroy my front door and shoot my dog when he objected?

“Just what do you mean when you tell me I am a ‘danger to democracy?’ I am standing here in my shorts, half-asleep, and you are the guy holding a fully auto assault rifle and you are screaming at me.”

Answer: “Your attitude has been noticed.”

What is important to remember is the FBI attitude – expressed in the memo – remains unchanged. What did change was the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and Congressional hearings on FBI and other bureaucratic conduct under the Biden administration.

When the memo was leaked, the FBI did a duck-and-cover, but it clearly did not change its mind about its function in this society. It did not even say “Sorry.” The agency just referenced how wonderful it is and that this oppression simply was not up to its own standards.

That means the FBI remains a threat to constitutional government.

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