NM Gun Control Bills: Criminalizing Ordinary Citizens

A NM gun control bill would make it a crime to teach any child under 12 how to handle guns. The bill requires stringent rules for keeping the firearms locked away from anyone, and provides a penalty if someone happens to break into the home and steal the weapon. A penalty and fine would be on the gun ownerSB 224 requires all gun owners to have their firearms locked away from anyone except the owner or “authorized user.”

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NM Gun Control bill criminalizes ordinary citizens

“A minor may be an authorized user only if the minor is at least twelve years of age and has successfully completed a firearm safety training course,” according to the bill.

That would criminalize the act of parental supervision with a firearm for any person under 12 who has not paid for approved training.

The bill is taking plenty of flak from a Second Amendment advocacy group in the state.

Western Journal

Many young children learn from their parents at an early age – even before 12 years old. But SB 224 does more than criminalize a normal rite of growing up.

In just filed, SB 224, State Senator Sedillo Lopez wants to mandate how you can and cannot store a firearm in your own home – a version of a bill we have seen and defeated before in New Mexico. But this version of a “storage mandate” goes even further. It would make it a crime for a child to handle your firearm unless the child was 12 or older and had previously completed a firearms safety class. You would become a criminal for taking your child to go shooting if they had not previously taken some kind of formal class….

The law is completely unenforceable unless they plan on going door-to-door inspecting firearm storage in your home. But this bill again goes beyond what they have attempted in the past. If a prohibited possessor gains access to your firearm you are liable as well.

NMSSA statement- New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

The bill was sent to the NM Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee, which is made up of 3 Republicans and 5 Democrats. One week prior to that, a NM gun control bill HB 193 was introduced that creates a Red Flag law. We’ve written much about how those kind of laws bypass due process, and can damage a person’s 2nd amendment rights based on a mere accusation.

Neither of these NM gun control bills have passed as of this writing, but if you live there, contact your Senators and stay abreast of the situation.

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