Ninety-Nine MORE Things You Probably Never Knew Were ‘Racist’

A couple years ago, as something of a joke, I started keeping a running list of news articles I came across in which a motley collection of things were deemed “racist” and/or “white supremacist” (the two terms are often interchangeable). Originally, I thought to post these lists about once a year, but the comical examples of new and creative things that are “racist” are coming so thick and fast that my list is overflowing (33 pages and counting!). You can see my previous lists here and here.

The left is obsessed with manufactured racism. Don’t believe me? Consider this graph of how many times The New York Times mentioned the word “racism” in an article since 1980:

And I chuckled at this apropos A.F. Branco cartoon:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This list is only presented as a public service, so it’s up to you – as a proper woke American – to avoid all the things, terms, people, subjects, foods, books, pets, diseases, locations, beverages, fashions and activities that might offend someone because of your white supremacy and privilege (even if you’re not white). So without further ado, and in no particular order:

1. The Bible is racist (no surprise).

2. How you eat your chicken is racist.

3. Adopting needy Native American children is racist.

4. Making America great again is racist.

5. White people denying they’re racist is racist.

6. Reading classic literature is racist.

7. Opposing theft and property destruction is racist.

8. The Minnesota state flag is racist.

9. Drug overdoses are racist.

10. “Objectivity” is racist.

11. Science is racist.

12. Disney’s Splash Mountain ride is racist.

13. Racism is to blame for the “climate crisis.”

14. Gas prices are racist.

15. Poverty is caused by racism, no exceptions.

16. Arguing that racism isn’t the sole cause of poverty is racist.

17. Professionalism is racist.

18. Astrophysics is racist.

19. White paint is racist.

20. Football is racist.

21. “Field work” is racist.

22. Apple Watch health tool is racist.

23. Using hair oil is racist.

24. Not wanting to wear a mask “forever” is racist.

25. Exercise is racist.

26. “Hi-tech capitalist solutions” for climate change are racist.

27. Whites are giving non-whites Alzheimer’s through racism.

28. The terms “grandfather” and “long time, no see” are racist.

29. The physical, scientific properties of light are racist.

30. Opponents of child sex changes are racist.

31. Concepts like “objectivity” and “individualism” are racist.

32. Grammar is racist.

33. Museums are racist.

34. Climate change is caused by racism.

35. Brownies (Girl Scouts) are racist.

36. Daylight Savings Time is racist.

37. Voting for a Latino candidate is racist.

38. The World Series is racist.

39. Swimming is racist.

40. If you are white and you quote Martin Luther King, you are a racist.

41. It’s “racist” to talk about lawless Democrat-run cities.

42. Having “light-toned” dark skin is racist.

43. Wheel of Fortune and Justin Bieber’s wife are racist.

44. Not advertising enough on black-owned media is racist.

45. Diesel fuel is racist.

46. Nutrition standards are racist.

47. Bouncing on a trampoline is racist.

48. Water shortages are racist.

49. Returning to work at the office (after lockdowns) is racist.

50. Frolicking in the rain is racist.

51. Barnes & Noble is racist.

52. Not wanting to mask up in class is racist.

52. Cow’s milk is part of “dietary racism.”

53. Chess is racist.

53. School choice is racist.

54. Traffic cameras are racist.

55. Laws banning illegal re-entry into U.S. is racist.

56. Using the word “curry” is racist.

57. Capitalism is racist.

58. Wall Street is racist.

59. Desiring freedom is racist.

60. Air conditioning is racist.

61. Bias against pit bulls is racist.

62. Surfing is racist.

63. Architecture (in cities) is racist.

64. Jails (well, incarceration) are racist.

65. The Second Amendment is racist.

66. The book of Genesis is racist.

67. Enforcing rules is racist.

68. “Colorblind” parenting is racist.

69. The description “warrior” is racist.

70. Credit scores are racist.

71. Calling food “exotic” is racist.

72. Flying the American flag is racist.

73. Bee swarm removal services are racist.

74. Birdwatching is racist.

75. Bird names are racist.

76. Oil refineries are racist.

77. Discussing the Wuhan lab leak theory is racist.

78. Being pro-life is racist.

79. Deporting gang members and felons is racist.

80. Ending face mask mandates is racist.

81. The way white people walk on sidewalks is racist.

82. Building wealth is racist.

83. Menthol cigarettes are racist.

84. Banning menthol cigarettes is racist.

85. Pig farming is racist.

86. Isaac Newton was a racist.

87. Textbooks are racist.

88. Pollution is racist.

89. Intelligence is racist.

90. Advanced math courses are racist.

91. Soap dispensers are racist.

92. The nuclear family is racist.

93. Weather is racist.

94. Fossil fuels are racist.

95. Blacks who believe they can get ahead through hard work are racist.

96. Self-driving cars are racist.

97. Bicycle helmets are racist.

98. Not wearing jewelry because of personal safety concerns is racist.

99. Hawaiian shirts are racist.

Stand by for future lists. I have literally hundreds more links.

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