Nikki Haley Got Hilariously DESTROYED In Last Night’s GOP Debate — Here’s Proof (Video)

The race for #2 may not mean much in the end, but some damage was still done

She came out of the last debate with something of a ‘girlboss’ swagger. This debate brought her crashing down to Earth again.

It was supposed to be a debate between four candidates. But strangely, the largest person on stage was practically invisible — except when he was getting rag dolled by the moderators with questions that were absolutely savage in their honesty — or beaten like a rented mule by the people he was so confident he could bully on stage.

More on the NJ Governor getting punked for everyone to see here: Sad Clown Chris Christie Had A ROUGH Time In Last Night’s Debate

The real debate (for those chasing second place) was really only between three people: DeSantis, Haley, and Ramaswamy.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Haley’s opponents came ready to expose her weaknesses… and many of those hits struck home.

We’ll include time stamps of the different points as we mention them.

5.11 — DeSantis takes a swipe at her right out of his opening statement, saying she caves any time the media or the left come after her, calls her out on trans policy.

5.50 — first question from the moderators, calls out Haley. Her modest $100k bank balance soared to $8M after 5 years of speeches and corporate board membership. Asked if she’s a corporate shill.

7.59 — DeSantis. it wasn’t about parents rights, it was about prohibiting sex changes on minors… if you can’t stand up against child abuse, how are you going to be able to stand up againt anything?

9.30 — Vivek used the ‘good people on this stage’ question he was asked as a jumping off point to say that Ron and Doug are ‘good people’, pivoting to detail exactly why Haley is emphatically NOT. At 10 min, he’s explicitly calling her corrupt, with specific reasons for claiming to say so.

12:27 — DeSantis went after her about Blackrock and ESG.

13:52 — Vivek calls her a fascist (a system that, among other things, blurs the lines between government and business) because she adopted the Blackrock CEO’s unconstitutional opinion about internet anonymity after his endorsement.

15:19 — Vivek fact-checks her reminding the audience that Haley said on her FIRST DAY she would require social media accounts to provide a name.

27:02 — Vivek hit Haley hard over Ukraine, saying she and Biden have something in common: that neither of them could name 3 states in Eastern Ukraine, where they want to send our sons and daughters and military equipment to fight for it.

27:55 — pointed out the ‘blank expression’ on her face because she couldn’t name 3 regions

30:14 — the very satisfying ‘do us all a favor and walk off the stage’ line Vivek slapped Christie with

30:25 — Vivek goes back to Haley’s foreign policy ‘experience’. If you’re going to send our sons and daughters to somebody else’s war, you should at least know the names of the places they are being sent to.

30:57 — calls her an intellectual fraud. Compares her to the WMD neocons responsible for launching the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

37:51 — DeSantis brought up her close relationship with China when she was Governor, the #1 ranked governor of bringing the CCP into her state, her donors will make money in China. She will not stand up for you

39:25 — DeSantis says even the press that is so deeply hostile to him could not find a single example of the claim Haley leveled against him. So, she’s a liar.

1:06:12 — DeSantis compared Christie’s honest policy difference with him over trans surgery issues against the dishonest statements Haley made about her own position on the same issue

1:07:50 — Haley tried to punk DeSantis over his trans/bathroom position… found the audience laughing at her when DeSantis reversed her attack right back on her and made her look silly. (at 1:08:20)

1:10:19 — Vivek — (when asked about an apparent beef with Haley) I question her authenticity. Goes on to explain why she is an active participant in the very same identity politics that have been tearing American politics apart, comparing her at 1:10:51 to a ‘woke Bud Light ad’ about how she would ‘kick it in heels’ and claiming only a woman can get the job done

1:11:17 — Vivek drops the haymaker. “I don’t have a woman problem. You have a corruption problem. I think that’s what people need to know. Nikki is corrupt. This is a woman who will send your kids to die so she can buy a bigger house. This is the problem, using identity politics more effectively than Kamala Harris is a form of intellectual fraud.”

1:19:14 — Nikki tried to talk tough about TikTok but dropped a ‘factual’ statistic that was laughable on its face

1:24:06 — Vivek addressing American leaders hesitation when denouncing Chinese malfeasance because so much of our modern life has become dependent on Chinese markets. “And why do we depend on them for our modern way of life? Because Nikki Haley’s friends like Larry Fink who have created co-mingled economies. They can’t drill here while being a shareholder of petro China. It’s our dependence on China that makes us scared.”

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