N.H. auto dealer offers free AR-15 with car purchase

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AR-15On Thursday, Fox 25 reported that an auto dealership in New Hampshire is offering a free AR-15 with each auto purchase.

“I have given away 4 AR-15’s and one 9mm handgun, which is the other option if you don’t want the AR-15,” said Mike Hagan, owner of Hagan’s Motor Pool Auto Repair and Sales. in Rochester.

The promotion, which started back in May, was prompted by another promotion by a local company and has nothing to do with the current brouhaha over gun ownership.

“This wasn’t started to make any kind of message or political statement and it happened well before terrible attacks in Orlando,” Hagan said.

The Fox 25 report can be seen below:

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The promotion naturally doesn’t sit too well with some anti-gunners.

“To me that’s just getting more of the nut jobs out there doing harm to more people that don’t deserve it,” Jen Marks of Lebanon told NH1.

“My opinion, military and police are the only ones that should have them,” added Lynn Pelleiter of Wolfeboro, who obviously doesn’t understand the term “police state.”

But no one is getting a gun directly from the dealership.

“We handle the logistics, because he can’t give out guns like he’s giving out candy,” said Ernie Shipman of Renaissance Firearms. “We facilitate the ATF mandated background check.”

“We handle the logistics, because he can’t give out guns like he’s giving out candy,” Shipman added. “We facilitate the ATF mandated background check.”

Hagan, a combat veteran of Afghanistan, says he uses his ability of reading people before he hands out a gun.

“If I chose to decline someone because I’m not getting a good feeling, I certainly will,”  he said.



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