New Yorkers Offered Protection From ISIS By the Mafia


A little known fact is that in Europe, ISIS isn’t active in Mafia strongholds.  In Sicily, ISIS is nowhere to be found.  Now, Giovanni Gambino, a member of the famed family that runs the Gambino family crime syndicate, has offered the Mafia’s help in protecting New Yorkers against ISIS.  He says that the Mafia is better placed to take action against ISIS as well as preventing the attacks in advance.  He claims the police are always late in reacting to attacks.  This is true because our laws do not allow us to arrest someone unless they have committed a crime.  The Mafia has no such restraints.

“They often act too late, or fail to see a complete picture of what’s happening due to a lack of ‘human intelligence.’”

“The world is dangerous today, but people living in New York neighborhoods with Sicilian connections should feel safe.  We make sure our friends and families are protected from extremists and terrorists, especially the brutal, psychopathic organization that calls itself the Islamic State.”

“The mafia has a bad reputation, but much of that’s undeserved.  As with everything in life, there are good, bad and ugly parts – the rise of global terrorism gives the mafia a chance to show its good side.”

Gambino is not believed to be involved in the family business and has been working to become a Hollywood screenwriter.  He points out correctly that after the tragedy that befell Paris, protection becomes more important.  The Mafia does have good intelligence sources and ways of making people talk without waterboarding.  Of course it may result in the loss of a finger or two but has been proven quite effective.

Personally, I would feel much safer getting my protection from the Mafia than I would getting it from Obama, Johnson or de Blasio.

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