New York Gov. Cuomo Gives 35,000 Felons on Parole the Right to Vote

Andrew Cuomo (Screen Capture, YouTube, Channel 90 Seconds)

When New York Republicans blocked a bill to allow 35,000 felons on parole the right to vote, Gov Cuomo signed an Executive Order allowing it on Wednesday.

“I’m unwilling to take no for an answer. I’m going to make it law by executive order.” Gov Cuomo

The executive order is at this link.

“It is unconscionable to deny voting rights to New Yorkers who have paid their debt and have re-entered society…This reform will reduce disenfranchisement and will help restore justice and fairness to our democratic process. Withholding or delaying voting rights diminishes our democracy.”

How can he do this? By pardoning 35,000 parolees. Never mind what their original crimes were. That way he can do an end run around the legislature. But think about it, these are felons on parole– they have not really completed their sentences or they wouldn’t still be on “parole.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo grants conditional pardons to all 35,000 parolees in New York to restore their voting rights. https://t.co/fO3Ihc2dPC

Republicans are saying that it’s a Democrat power grab, which is exactly what it appears to be. They are counting on the vast majority of felons, which are Black or Latino, to vote for Democrats in November.

Republican Senator Fred Akshar released this statement:

Fourteen other states have done the same thing in a desperate attempt to sway the elections to the Democrats.

BREAKING: Gov. Cuomo announces an executive order to allow parolees the right to vote in New York https://t.co/ECcCyL9rNa pic.twitter.com/rSqvoqPwil

Governor Cuomo pardoning all felon parolees in NY? A pardon means that the conviction never happened.Meaning these criminals are technically not convincted rapists,child molesters or murders anymore…Let that sink in.

NYS Parole insanity = NYS Parole Board paroles cop killer. Parole board member marries brutal killer after she works to get him paroled. Gov Cuomo offers voting rights to parolees before they have completed parole. This is the Governors idea of parole reform?

Democrats will never be embarrassed because they have no shame. Everyone knows why Cuomo is doing this & they don’t even have to hide it.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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