A New Year in Divided America

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” has been an American motto for centuries. And for the most part, the American people have stood united against bad people and bad behavior. No more.

As I write this we are heading into 2018. Another New Year celebration will see the fireworks, the toasts and the traditional new year resolutions. Half of our citizens will resolve to be better people in the coming year, but I fear that the other half are resolved to do their best to drive the United States deeper into moral perversion and to tear down American patriotism and unity.

While I truly believe that those who hate this country are in the minority, they seem to have the biggest microphones. They have placed themselves in positions to do the most damage with their anti America attitudes. They found their way into the courts, they have become the educators of America’s youth and they have taken over a major political party.

We are no longer a nation united. We are no longer a nation under God. The USA is now a nation living under the tyranny of out of control federal courts and government regulators. We have tried reasoning, we have tried to elect people who would reverse the downward spiral, we have blogged will our fingers bleed and still the USA continues to go down.

I fear that the time for being nice is over. The enemies of freedom have been nasty and mean for decades. They viciously attack in the courts and occasionally on the campus. I believe that 2018 is the year that Americans fight back, and I mean literally fight back. If we do not go toe to toe with these vicious enemies of America, they will continue to drag the USA down until American freedom is just a memory.

The enemies of America make no attempt to hide themselves. They are the militant homosexuals, the militant black racists, the liberal democrats and the liberal media. The Democrat Party itself has been completely overrun by communists, marxists and homosexuals.

No more appeasing the unappeasable. No more apologizing to the race-baiters and no more tolerating every sexual perversion they throw at us and our children.

Most important and probably the most difficult, Americans must no longer submit to corrupt federal judges. Every idiotic, unconstitutional ruling by a corrupt judge must be met with a barrage of “null and void” protesters.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are on our side and even more powerful, God and His principles are also on our side.

2018 is upon us and I resolve to fight for American freedom and values in the name of God Almighty. Let 2018 be the year that America finally returns to her Christian heritage.


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