New Tom Steyer Mother’s Day video ad falsely claims GOP turning children into Nazis — Video

It seems that far-left billionaire activist Tom Steyer has Hitler and Nazis on the brain.  A sick and twisted video ad put out by Nextgen America, an environmental political action committee run by Steyer, falsely claims the Republican Party is turning children into Nazis.

Here’s the YouTube version:

This piece of defamatory filth didn’t sit too well with many:

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Steyer, by the way, is leading an effort to get Trump impeached because he thinks the president is similar to Hitler and needs to go before he starts a new genocide.

We’re not making this up — that’s what he actually said during an event in Iowa as we reported here.

“[Trump] really is an incredibly skillful and talented communicator. He really is, which Hitler was, too,” Steyer said. “I think the reason people push back against the Hitler comparison, regardless of any similarities, is Hitler ended up killing millions and millions of people, and Mr. Trump has shown a disregard for our law, he breaks the law … But he hasn’t killed millions of people.”

Now, he’s claiming that the Republican Party is turning children into Nazis.

It’s beyond messed up…

So why would Steyer do this?  As Dilbert creator Scott Adams explained during the general election, this kind of rhetoric gives insane leftists moral permission to commit acts of violence and murder.

“…Once you define Trump as Hitler, you also give citizens moral permission to kill him. And obviously it would be okay to kill anyone who actively supports a genocidal dictator, including anyone who wrote about his persuasion skills in positive terms. (I’m called an ‘apologist’ on Twitter, or sometimes just Joseph Goebbels),” he said.

He added:

If Clinton successfully pairs Trump with Hitler in your mind – as she is doing – and loses anyway, about a quarter of the country will think it is morally justified to assassinate their own leader. I too would feel that way if an actual Hitler came to power in this country. I would join the resistance and try to take out the Hitler-like leader. You should do the same. No one wants an actual President Hitler.

All one has to do is replace “Clinton” with “Steyer.”  Does the left-wing billionaire want Trump and his supporters killed?

Or will he satisfy himself with a second, bloody civil war?

One person noted:

That is a possibility…

H/T Gateway Pundit




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