New terrorist weapon: ‘Road vehicle’ that ‘can kill with devastating effect’

(Screen capture - YouTube, Best List)
(Screen capture – YouTube, Best List)

It played out like an action scene in a James Bond movie, except that it wasn’t show business, it was lethal terrorist reality, and it left one U.S. citizen among the dead.

Wednesday’s deadly terrorist attack in London has given the press a new weapon about which to report: the motor vehicle that, according to the Wall Street Journal, “can kill with devastating effect.”

British authorities say the attacker was a “British-born lone wolf extremist” who was shot dead by Defense Secretary Michael Fallon’s security guard was known to MI5 intelligence officials but considered a “peripheral figure.” Not anymore, as he made a rather big splash in Wednesday’s news cycle for having killed two people and injuring some 40 others with his vehicle.

Then the attacker ran onto the grounds of Parliament where he fatally stabbed an unarmed British police officer before the armed security guard shot him.

The Sun is reporting that the “lone wolf maniac” was apparently “inspired by ‘Islamic terrorism.’”

The attack was reminiscent of the Nov. 28, 2016 attack at Ohio State University in which a Somali refugee drove a car into a crowd of students and attacked them with a knife before he was fatally shot by a campus police officer who had been standing nearby.

That man was reportedly also inspired by terrorist propaganda.

One of the people killed in London was reportedly an American citizen from Utah, according to breaking reports Thursday. That man’s wife was among the people injured.

What this new attack demonstrates is that terrorists will find any kind of weapon they can utilize to cause mayhem. Extremist gun control laws, as they have in Great Britain and are advocated by some gun control advocates in the United States, don’t stop such attacks and are actually irrelevant.

What now? Will there be a call for background checks on vehicle purchases? Waiting periods on such purchases? Cars are already registered and drivers are licensed.

And what about knives? They are available in every shopping mall, hardware store, kitchenware shop and sporting goods store in the country. No identification required for a purchase, either.

Police in Des Moines, a community south of Seattle, fatally shot a man Wednesday night who was armed with a machete, according to the Seattle Times. Does anyone think they are going to bother tracing the weapon? Machete’s don’t have serial numbers.

London’s attack, like the one in Nice, France last year, is one more wake-up call to the gun prohibition movement and the media that seems locked on their every word. People with murderous intent can kill with all kinds of things, and gun laws won’t stop them.


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