New Hampshire Suspect Bites Police Dog. Dog Bites Back. Who Won?

Boscawen, NH – A New Hampshire suspect bit a police dog on the head. The police dog, Veda, bit back. The suspect is in custody. You could fill in the blanks there, but we’ll tell you what happened.

The incident began with a report of a person shot. When police arrived, two persons who were wanted on warrants bolted and ran. The Boscawen Police Department called the New Hampshire State Police for assistance.

According to the New Hampshire Canine Troopers Facebook Post,

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, at approximately 3:13 PM, Trooper Daniel Livingstone and K9 Veda, along with other troopers from the Troop D Barracks, responded to the Town of Boscawen, to assist Boscawen Police with a shooting incident.

As on-scene law enforcement attempted to secure the scene, it became known to them that someone was holed up in a trailer in the back of the property. The person ignored commands to come out from law enforcement, as well as the home owner. Upon the home owner gaining entry to the locked structure by breaking a glass door, the male subject continued to ignore troopers’ commands to surrender.

Lesson 1: never, ever, fail to obey police commands, especially when a police dog is present.

Since the suspect continued to ignore the officers, Trooper Livingstone sent in K9 Veda to find him. She found him right away, hiding under a pile of clothes. (Smart suspect).  He immediately began to kick and punch the dog, as well as the other troopers on scene.

At one point, he put the dog in a chokehold and bit her on the top of the head. The Facebook post then simply says that a “significant” struggle ensued as troopers tried to subdue him with a taser.

“He bit the dog, the dog bit him, he ended up getting Tasered. If you get into a biting competition with a police dog, you’re not going to win. They’re pretty good at that.” Boscawen Police Department Lieutenant Jason Killary

He was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest, Interference With a Police Dog, Assault on a Police Officer, and an outstanding warrant.

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K9 Veda was cleared medically and is ok. Looks like you’ll still have to fill in the blanks regarding the suspect’s injuries. But it couldn’t have been good.

The comments on the Blue Lives Matter page, and the NH canine page about this incident were priceless, and came from all over the world.

Steve F: “Nice work Veda. I hope you left an impression on him also.”

SnarkyCop: “We would have posted a picture of his face, but presumably he doesn’t have one anymore.”

Standswithpolice: “I hope she got her rabies shots this perp sounds like all kinds of infection carrying maggot! Good job Officer Veda so glad your okay!”

Dave: “Veda- The Long Nose of the law!”

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children



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