New Conservative Social Network Under Construction: HardcoreConservatives

We are pleased to announce a new conservative social network under construction:

The spread of the Trump Revolution continues for a free people and a sovereign nation free of the clutches of globalism and Islamic terrorism. The sleeping giant also known as “We, the people” has been awakened from its slumber. We will not sit down, and we will not shut up! Our future and the future of our progeny for generations to come is at stake. We must not and will not relinquish our freedom to despots and tyrants.

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” ~Thomas Jefferson

We are a pro-Trump website, but we welcome all conservatives whether they support President Trump or not. Our social network targets only American citizens. With a few possible exceptions we will allow like-minded individuals from the UK, Canada, and Australia to join our network, just realize we do NOT adhere to the European Union’s censorship of sensitive issues.

Our Social Network’s Terms of Service in a Nutshell: Observe the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Unlike Facebook, we intend to allow freedom of speech, so long as it does not defame other members. We all disagree with each other from time to time, but that does not mean you have the right to attack another member simply because they do not agree with you.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

We are building a new social network by and for conservatives. It has all of the features Facebook has and then some, including blogs. This will, we hope, eventually become the official social network of Conservative Firing Line patrons. Hopefully we’ll be able to attract our friend Bill Still’s subscribers as well to our family-oriented social network.

The site is user-friendly to Mobile devices WITHOUT an App, but we will eventually deploy Apps as well for the most popular devices. Until that happens, simply go to your Google account online and add a shortcut to your home screen and it will work just like an App.

Heads-up to bullies and trolls: If you come on board our website we will know your whereabouts and your location and if you violate our Terms of Use by engaging in illegal activity, like doxxing or communicating threats of violence, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Currently we do not have an upgrade in place for membership levels. We’re in the development stages. That will come later at a different point in time.

At the moment there is no point in setting up a post booster with the small number of members we have. It would be a waste of your money until we have at least 20K members, and that will come in time.

My friends list on Facebook before I got booted was like a “Who’s Who” in conservative American politics. We hope to attract as many of them as possible to our social network. They include names like Wayne Dupree, Wild Bill for America, Pamela Geller, Tom Trento and The United West to name a few; but before we can expect their support, we will have to have the site working in its’ entirety as well as it can be optimized before we do that. Once it is, it is entirely possible that our membership could reach several hundred thousand overnight. Meanwhile, be patient. Come grow with us!

Baby steps first.

To sign-up, simply click on the link below:

(Ed.  We will continue to use and patronize Facebook, Twitter and other alternative social media sites in order to provide the widest possible dissemination of our posts, however, given the treatment this site and its owner has received {and continues to receive} from Facebook since mid-2015, we would not at all be disappointed to see our more than 126,000 followers come to the new site…)


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Jerry Emery

Gerald is a 66 year-old grandfather of 4, firmly committed to restoration of the American Republic through education of the ignorant. 30 years of revisionist historians have dumbed-down the millennial generation. History or the lack of it, will be the downfall of the millennial generation unless our generation steps up and re-educates the illiterate, ignorant public. This revisionist history is intentional, part of the Marxist model. Over half of the Democrats in our nation's Congress are in reality registered Communists. This shall not prevail as long as I can do something about it.

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