Never-Trumper Evan McMullin threatens Trump: ‘We will push you right out of office’ if you fire Rosenstein

Responding to a tweet issued by President Trump, Evan McMullin, the never-Trump spoiler candidate who failed in his effort to give Hillary Clinton the White House, issued a not-so-veiled threat against the president, telling him that if he fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, “we will push you right out of office.”

This is the tweet that triggered McMullin:

Naturally, McMullin’s tweet prompted the predictable responses, with some wondering exactly how he thinks “we” will do this.

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Good question.  As one person observed, he’ll have a lot of people to contend with:

Apparently, Twitchy said, “McMullin’s got a posse.”

One person told McMullin to go away:

Regular readers of this site may recall that just a little over a year ago, McMullin was triggered by chants of “USA,” falsely claiming that Trump was pushing white nationalism.

One Twitter user minced no words calling McMullin a traitor:

Another person noted:

As the Business Insider noted, “the knives have been out for Rosenstein since it emerged that the FBI raided the home and office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, on Monday.”

The report added:

Joseph diGenova, a controversial former federal prosecutor who was recently under consideration to join President Donald Trump’s legal team, said Wednesday night that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “tomorrow morning.”

DiGenova made the comments to the Fox News opinion-show host, Sean Hannity, who is an ardent Trump supporter. Shortly before Hannity’s show aired featuring comments from diGenova and other Trump supporters, the president plugged it on Twitter.

“Big show tonight on @seanhannity! 9:00 P.M. on @FoxNews,” he tweeted.

On Hannity’s show, diGenova called the special counsel Robert Mueller’s team “legal terrorists” and said James Comey, the former FBI director, was a “dirty cop.”

As for McMullin’s threat, something tells me the president isn’t too worried…


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