Never-Trump Giddy As They Imagine ‘Walls Closing In’ On Trump For Umpteenth Time; Plus, Rare Footage Of CNN’s Onboarding Process Of Kinzinger

It all started when Trump announced that he expected the New York AG to drop an indictment on him by Tuesday.

Of course, whether such an indictment is coming or not will only be known either when the charging documents are made public, or when they officially drop their case.

That didn’t stop people on both sides from rushing to judgment.

The political right, for the most part, called this out. If the reports are true, it is yet another example of cynical bulls**t on the part of activist Dems.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Alvin Bragg was a bought-and-paid-for hardline leftist with a soft-on-crime agenda. Shapiro gives some important broader context.

The left, generally, got super-excited about the possibility of dusting off those ‘Mueller Time’ memes and finally getting to see Trump in an orange jumpsuit. Over a misdemeanor that both Hillary and Obama sorted out with the FEC through the payment of fines.

But settling quietly, without giving Orange Man Bad a perp walk in front of a bank of TV cameras wouldn’t land him any book deals, would it?

Odds are, charges will be laid. Even Dershowitz, who thinks this is a ‘made-up’ law wrongly combining state and federal statutes believes that the charges will go ahead, and (being New York) he won’t get a fair trial. That would lead to a guilty verdict and an appeal. But by then, we would all be deep into the Republican primaries.

How did the NeverTrumpers react?

The leftists are wetting themselves (or worse) in glee over the belief that the ‘walls are closing in’ and that they finally have Trump backed into a corner.

It’s a little early to be popping corks just yet, Ana.

Meanwhile, Adam Kinsinger shows his true contempt of Republicans with a fever dream of his own:

He claimed to be ‘sad’ that a President could be indicted… and then he writes a smug post like this one.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to Adam. This was precisely the point of his J6 committee short-circuiting all of the protections citizens have from the DOJ accessing information without a warrant. Collecting them with threat of contempt, and then handing information the DOJ about Trump and his associates that they could never lawfully have acquired on their own.

Can anyone read this tweet and say with a straight face that Adam isn’t HOPING for some kind of violence to break out in Trump’s name to vindicate the bulls**t story he’s been selling us for years?

He’s got his fingers crossed that some dumb yahoo will cross the line and cause trouble. After all, he’s been rewarded for his service to the Democrats with a CNN gig and a book deal.

Speaking of that CNN gig:

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