Never forget Ruby Ridge: August 21, 1992

Never forget Ruby Ridge: August 21, 1992.  A day that will live in infamy, the day a tyrannical government murdered innocents Vicky Weaver and her son, Samuel.

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi fired a second bullet, blowing off half of Vicki Weaver’s face and killing her. Vicki Weaver was UNARMED, with a baby in her arms.
Randy Weaver’s unarmed wife was gunned-down by Federal agents in COLD BLOOD. She was not a threat to anyone, she was unarmed and holding her 10-month-old daughter Elisheba in her arms, and they MURDERED HER.

The Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility Ruby Ridge Task Force Report (June 10, 1994) stated in section 1, Executive Summary subhead B Significant Findings, that the second shot did not satisfy constitutional standards for legal use of deadly force. The OPR review also found the lack of a request to surrender was “inexcusable”, since Randy Harris and the two Weavers were running for cover without returning fire and were not an imminent threat.

So tell me WHY the officers involved were never charged with the crime of CAPITAL MURDER? That said, the statute of limitations never runs out on CAPITAL offenses.

Lon Horiuchi was charged in Idaho with manslaughter, but a backdoor ‘good old boy’ deal was made with a corrupt Idaho judge and the charges were dropped.

Horiuchi was charged with involuntary manslaughter by use of a firearm in a reckless, careless or negligent manner. He fired the fatal shot through the front door “without first determining whether any person other than his intended target was behind the door.”

Horiuchi skipped off with no charges. He is now retired and is a spokesman, if not a partner in a small gun manufacturing company in Rapid City, SD See H-S Precision uses Fed murderer for marketing and H-S Precision hires LON HORIUCHI as spokeperson

Let us also not forget Waco, Texas. Horiuchi was also present at Waco, and God only knows how many people he murdered there.

It does not matter that David Koresh’s religious beliefs were a little ‘out there.’

What matters is that his rights, as well as the rights of the innocents who were murdered there that fateful day scream out for justice. On April 19, 1993, The federal government burned alive 21 children and 53 adults in Waco Texas. Where is the bill in Congress to ban tyrannical governments?

“When the government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence.” Gary Lloyd 

Many think that Ruby Ridge was done under Bill Clinton’s administration. It was not. It was done at the behest of George H.W. Bush (Bush senior) See Lessons from Ruby Ridge

Waco occurred under Bill Clinton’s administration.

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About five years ago, I made my own pilgrimage to Ruby Ridge, and talked with one of the Weaver’s neighbors. He was not a resident when the Ruby Ridge siege took place, but he had researched the events in depth. Shortly thereafter, I wrote a blog on the chain of events based on information I had obtained from that neighbor. It included links to documents that proved the culpability of not only Lon Horiuchi, but Geraldo Rivera and his false claims that a helicopter he was riding it was fired upon by the Weavers. (It would be impossible for anyone in a helicopter to hear small arms fire from a helicopter at any altitude, even if it had happened. It didn’t.) There was also evidence linking the SPLC’s (Southern Poverty Law Center) culpability in the conspiracy to murder Randy Weaver and his whole family.

Shortly after I wrote that blog, several of those documents were purged (deleted) from the Idaho state archives.

There should be a memorial erected on or near the location of the siege of Ruby Ridge near Naples, Idaho that reads:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~Thomas Jefferson

The Truth About Ruby Ridge (Short Version)

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