Netanyahu Speech at the UN – “I refuse to be silent!”

Screenshot 2015-10-01 10.22.53Benjamin Netanyahu spoke this morning at the United Nations- and he came out swinging. He had promised to “speak truth” to the body, and truth was what he spoke in no uncertain terms. Both for the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Palestinian Question, he made bold statements that made the Israeli position clear. His speech came one day after Mahmoud Abbas from the Palestinian Authority told the UN that they would no longer honor the Oslo Peace accords.

On Iran:

“Rewarding bad behavior only makes it worse…The best intentions do not produce the best outcome.” Benjamin Netanyahu


The Netanyahu speech strongly reminded the audience that Iran’s leaders have promised to annihilate Israel, and the UN has said nothing.

Iran’s rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body…has been absolutely nothing… If Iran was promising to destroy YOUR country perhaps you  would be less enthusiastic about the nuclear deal. It’s not easy to oppose something that is embraced by the greatest powers in the world.  It would be far easier to remain silent.” 

As someone who knows the history of the Jewish state…I refuse to be silent…

The days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over! Benjamin Netanyahu

 Netanyahu speech
Benjamin Netanyahu- – screenshot via C-Span

The Prime Minister said that Israel will defend themselves. They will not allow Iran to “break in , sneak in, or walk into the nuclear weapons club.”

“The regime would be wise to consider this: I stand here today representing Israel…. but the empires of Babylon and Rome or the Reich are NOT represented in this room. Yet Israel lives!”

To Iran, he stated that their plan to destroy Israel will fail.

To the United Nations: “Whatever resolutions you may adopt or whatever decisions you may take in your pathway…Israel will take whatever measures necessary to defend our state and our people.”

Failing to stop the Iran deal, Netanyahu had some advice: “Make sure that Iran’s violations are not swept under the Persian rug….Israel will be watching… closely. Make Iran comply with all its nuclear obligations. Keep its feet to the fire. Watch Iran’s aggression in the region…”

He stated that Israel is working closely with their Arab neighbors. They hope to build lasting partnerships for lasting security, lasting peace. “When your enemies fight with each other…weaken both.”

He reiterated that Israel will always be a friend, an ally of America. He emphatically stated that  “Our alliance with America is unshakable.

He reminded the UN that Jewish innovation is everywhere “…in your smartphone, on your farms, in your car…in your universities… such a small country is making a huge contribution. But those dreams will be fully realized only when there is peace.”

On a demilitarized Palestinian State

He spoke personally of his own experiences of almost dying in war, of the loss of his brother in battle.

I know the price of war…and those who know the price of war can best know the blessings of peace. I am immediately willing to resume direct talks with the Palestinian Authority… But  they stated yesterday that they are not… We must recognize each other! If we do this, we can do remarkable things for our people!…

The UN should finally rid itself of the excessive bashing of Israel. Last year this assembly adopted 20 resolutions against Israel and just one resolution against the savage slaughter in Syria…talk about disproportionate… Enough!  When will the UN finally check it’s anti-Israel fanaticism at the door.

He spoke directly to President Abbas when he said that a good place to start is the Islamists on the Temple Mount. They have been bringing in explosives to attack the people who visit there. He stated that Israel was committed to preserving the right of Christians, Jews, and Muslims to visit the holy sites. He said that it is Israel that ensures their safety.

Israel will always stay true to its values. Israel is in the front lines of civilization against barbarism… Ladies and gentleman- stand with Israel because Israel is not just defending itself. More than ever, Israel is defending you.

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