Negotiating with terrorists…the mother of all distractions


Terrorists don’t negotiate for if they did they wouldn’t be terrorists.

I guess Barack HUSSEIN Obama never got that…or got it and just doesn’t care that the United States of America does NOT negotiate with terrorists…EVER!

And so within the next few days representatives from the Obama administration will sit down with terrorists…will sit down and negotiate with the Taliban…the very same Taliban tied to al-Qaeda who MURDERED 3,0000 Americans on a fateful day in September almost 12 years ago…the very same Taliban tied to al-Qaeda that took America into an ongoing war of almost 12 years duration…a war that has cost thousands of American troops their lives and maimed thousands more….the very same Taliban who just a few days ago killed another four of our troops near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan…these are the people…people on our US terrorist list…people who, under direct orders from this miserable excuse of a president, our country is going to sit down and negotiate with.

And by agreeing to meet with terrorists Barack HUSSEIN Obama is basically surrendering to the enemy…spitting on the blood of American troops lost…defaming and dishonoring their sacrifices…discounting their lives and their memory as inconsequential…saying he has to do what our troops could NOT do.

‘Long and complex negotiations for a peaceful settlement to the war in Afghanistan’ is how senior Obama administration officials are trying to sell these talks to ‘We the People’…talks that should NEVER have been agreed to because if our troops had been allowed to fight to win as they were trained to do…fight to kill as many of them before they killed so many of us…instead of fighting a ‘politically correct’ war with their hands tied behind their backs because heaven forbid too many of Obama’s brethren would be killed…America would NOT be sitting down and negotiating with terrorists.

Negotiating with terrorists…NO…groveling to terrorists…for Barack HUSSEIN Obama has our beloved America groveling for peace with the very ones out to kill us all.

And if that simple fact doesn’t ignite a flame of discontent within your belly NOTHING will.

And while this farce of a negotiation comes with conditions for the Taliban that include cutting all ties with al-Qaida, stopping the violence, and accepting Afghanistan’s constitution (like any of this will ever happen), this is just another ‘it’s all about me’ dog-and-pony show for Obama and crew, for they are NOT negotiating with America’s enemy but negotiating with those Barack HUSSEIN Obama supports…caters to…and makes excuses for.

And isn’t it oh so convenient that this negotiation announcement came on the same day that US led international forces handed over control of Afghanistan’s national security to Afghan forces, setting the stage for most foreign troops to leave the country by the end of 2014.

Yeah, let’s have useless talks with terrorists who are just playing along with lip service and with crossed fingers…biding their time…for the Taliban are terrorists who will once again override the country when we’re gone…after all this president gave them our departure date so they could plan accordingly.

And lets NOT forget the in-your-face lies told to the American people by this administration, when back in January reporters asked whether our government was considering releasing the ‘Blind Sheikh’…Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman…the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center attack, and were told:

“The United States does NOT negotiate with terrorists,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

And when pressed again by a different reporter asking, “The terrorists are asking for the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman and Aafia Siddiqui from the US prisons. Do you have any reaction to that?” Nuland answered:

“I’ll say it again — the United States does NOT negotiate with terrorists.”

LIAR…for just 6 months later the Obama administration is doing just that…and why…for while we know this administration’s loyalties do NOT lie with America but with America’s enemies, the simple fact is this is the mother of all distractions calculatingly used to take the focus off all the scandals engulfing this administration and this president…scandals slowly unraveling truths so damning that they must stay hidden at all costs.

Truths like it was Barack HUSSEIN Obama who gave the order to ‘stand down’ in Benghazi…truths like it was Barack HUSSEIN Obama who gave the go ahead to ‘target’ conservative groups for added scrutiny when applying for 501 C-3 status…truths like it was Barack HUSSEIN Obama who personally ordered the spying on American citizens.

These truths and so many others must stay hidden at all costs, and what better way than to throw in some one-on-one with terrorists to do it…but NOTHING positive will come out of negotiating with those out to kill us for NOTHING positive will come out of the mouths of those who have elevated taqiyya into an art form, and I am NOT talking about the Taliban but about Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself.


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