Nearly one in three say Obama a Muslim

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President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo University in Cairo, Thursday, June 4, 2009. In his speech, President Obama called for a 'new beginning between the United States and Muslims', declaring that 'this cycle of suspicion and discord must end'. Official White House Photo by Chuck KennedyAccording to a new CNN/ORC poll, nearly one in three — 29 percent — say Barack Obama is a Muslim.  That number has gone up since I first reported that nearly one in five said the president is Muslim.

In 2010, a Pew Research Poll said 18 percent believed Obama is a Muslim.  That means that all of the efforts of the Democrat-media complex have failed.

Oddly enough, two percent think Obama is a Mormon, although I can’t see how that could happen.

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CNN said:

Misperceptions about Obama’s religious beliefs are more common than those about his birth, particularly among Republicans. Overall, 29% of Americans say they think the President is a Muslim, including 43% of Republicans.

No doubt this will be asked about at the upcoming debate…


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