NBC engages in more Obama worship: #Bowdown to Michelle Obama’s dress

obamadressYes, Virginia, there really is a Democrat-media complex that treats the Obamas like deities to be worshiped.

The latest example came in the form of a tweet issued by NBC News’ Shawna Thomas, who noticed Michelle Obama’s $12,000.00 (you read that right) designer dress made by Carolina Herrera:


Thomas, by the way, is no mere NBC flunkie, as Fox Nation reports:

Thomas is NBC News’ White House producer; she moved into that role in July 2011. Before assuming that role, she was a reporter on the hill, covering the House of Representatives. NBC News Bureau Chief Antoine Sanfuentes celebrated her elevation, writing, “On a personal note, I know that her sharp editorial judgment, keen eye for nuance, and straightforward likeability will make her a great success in this new role, so please join me in congratulating Shawna on this exciting next step!”

And we’re supposed to believe there’s no bias in the so-called “mainstream media.”