Navy Seal Who Was Severely Injured Hunting For Bergdahl Testifies Against Him

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1884871Former Navy SEAL, Senior Chief Petty Officer Jimmy Hatch, testified at Bowe Bergdahl’s tribunal about what happened after Bergdahl deserted.

Hatch says he wasn’t surprised that Bergdahl deserted, but he was surprised that soldiers were sent to find him.  Hatch said he was certain someone would be hurt or killed in the attempt to “rescue” Bergdahl.  He made a few other salient points about the search:

“The guy should be held accountable. He left, he risked lives and he pulled assets from other parts of the war.”

“Sure enough, days later I was shot, lying in a field screaming my head off.”

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“I think it’s telling that this hearing isn’t a blip on the radar of today’s news.  It’s all about Donald Trump and the political circus.”

“My injuries, I took a bullet — people had to risk their lives to come and save me. A helicopter had to fly back into a very active gunfight.  I struggled hard after I got hurt.”

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