National security experts urge Obama to keep key NSA capabilities

National security experts urge Obama to keep key NSA capabilities
National Security Agency

On Wednesday, the Center for Security Policy announced to the media and the Paulding County Republican Examiner that a planned release of an open letter to President Obama urging that critical intelligence collection capabilities of NSA be preserved and not be compromised any further.

The release will take place tomorrow, January 16, 2014 at 2p.m. at the Bloomberg Room, National Press Club in Washington, DC.

On the eve of the unveiling by President Obama’s changes to U.S. intelligence policy and practice, former Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on intelligence and a former National Counterintelligence Executive joined other intelligence and national security practitioners will be submitting an open letter to President Obama.

The letter will be arguing that the world is too dangerous for American intelligence capabilities to be substantially reduced, due to the damage cause by Edward Snowden’s treachery, but that key National Security Agency (NSA) capabilities must remain intact.

The Center for Security Policy said, “It will make clear six principles that should guide U.S. intelligence collection, while preserving Americans’ constitutionally protected privacy rights. It will also offer several specific recommendations for how such principles should be applied at this juncture.”

The letter follows the release earlier this week of a study by Center for Security Policy Senior Fellows Fred Fleitz and Clare Lopez, both of whom were career CIA Officers with extensive experience in the fields of intelligence collection and analysis.

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