Nancy Pelosi blames ‘Republican DNA’ for Chuck Schumer’s shutdown

Democrats under fire for Chuck Schumer's shutdown, placing illegals over U.S. citizens.

On Friday, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and most of his fellow Democrats in the U.S. Senate forced a partial shutdown of the government, placing illegal immigrants over U.S. interests.  Naturally, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., blamed Republicans and their genetic material.

“It’s clear that negligence and incompetence are in the Republican DNA. This is the first time I can ever recall a party with control of the White House and BOTH chambers of Congress causing a government shutdown,” she said on Twitter.

She added: “They spent the entirety of 2017 trying to repeal the ACA and forcing through their . Meanwhile, the vital priorities of the American people were cast aside. A ‘good shutdown’ is what wanted. We will hold him and Republicans accountable.”

Naturally, she got hammered by many on the social media site.

How dare you use facts to rebut Pelosi’s silliness…

Pelosi wasn’t the only one to blame Republicans for Schumer’s shutdown.

The New York Democrat constantly referred to it as “Trump’s shutdown” during remarks on the Senate floor, even though he is the one responsible for it.

“There’s no one more to blame for the position we find ourselves than President Trump,” he said early Saturday. “Instead of bringing us all together, he’s pulled us apart.”

Republicans needed 60 votes to pass the measure but the measure failed with a 50-49 vote.  According to Fox News, five Republicans voted against the measure and five Democrats voted for it.

“Our administration worked in good faith to put a bipartisan deal on the table that would strengthen our borders, end chain migration, eliminate the visa lottery, and deal compassionately with DACA,” Vice President Pence said. “But rather than solve problems, Democratic leadership preferred a shutdown that has dangerous consequences for our national defense. Their action tonight — or lack thereof — is unconscionable. Our administration will do everything within our power to support the brave men and women in uniform who stand on the frontlines of freedom. But as of tonight, due to a completely avoidable government shutdown, they’ll stand their post without pay.”

Speaker Paul Ryan said there’s nothing in the bill that Democrats oppose, adding: “They will do anything to appease their base, even shut down the federal government.”

“The Senate adjourned early Saturday, with plans to resume negotiations later in the day in hopes of reaching a spending agreement and ending the shutdown,” Fox added.

Meanwhile, Breitbart said, Democrats are already feeling the heat.

“Senate Democrats shutdown the government over petty political games and blind opposition to Republican efforts to pay our troops and fund health care for nine million vulnerable children,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. “This was an unnecessary crisis created by Democrats who jeopardized funding for services for lawful American citizens and our military over an unrelated issue surrounding illegal immigration. The President and Congressional Republicans are committed to fight for the American people – it’s clear Democrats are only interested in fighting for Chuck and Nancy.”

And millions of illegal immigrants which could become potential Democrat voters


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