NAILED: Inspector General Finds Top Top Secret Documents in Hillary’s Emails

topsecretHillary’s email scandal has just gotten worse.  The Inspector General has reportedly found at least two SCI rated secret documents in Hillary’s emails.

I don’t see how that is possible.  Hillary said she didn’t even have lower priority top secret emails.  She wouldn’t lie, would she?  Yeah, I guess she would.  The IG reported the breach of security to Sen Charles Grassley of the Senate Judiciary committee.  This is the first time that it has been discovered that Hillary had SCI information in her emails on the private server she operated.

Here is the chart identifying top secret codes:

  • ANACI (Advance National Agency Check with Inquiries) – Initial Confidential, Secret, L, LX; only used for civilian employees
  • NACLC (National Agency Check with Law and Credit )— Initial Confidential, Secret, L, LX; reinvestigations
  • MBI[disambiguation needed] — Minimum Background Investigation — A suitability investigation including an ANACI

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