NAACP official to leftists: ‘Jack up’ senators who don’t oppose Trump — Video

While addressing the far-left Netroots Nation, Hilary Shelton, the director of the Washington, D.C. bureau of the NAACP, told attendees they should “jack up” senators who don’t oppose President Trump.

Additionally, he said Republicans need to be made as “uncomfortable” as possible.

“Everybody should claim their two Senators whether you voted for them or not,” Shelton said. “Keep in mind, it’s only the Senate that is making decisions on these judicial [nominees].”

The Daily Wire noted:

Sheldon then said that some of the Democratic senators are afraid that Trump might be able to jam them up but said that shouldn’t scare them because people can “jack’em up,” referring to senators who don’t oppose Republicans and the Trump administration.

Sheldon also called for people to make Republicans’ lives as “uncomfortable as you can possibly make it.”

For those not familiar with the phrase, the Online Slang Dictionary says “jack up” means to “break or ruin.”  It can also mean to “stab or attack.”

Was Shelton inciting violence?

Watch the video below and make up your own mind:


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